Dysmorphophobia : Symptoms

Dysmorphophobia, extreme concern minor defects appearance, may show a wide variety of symptoms.

Dysmorphophobia - a mental disorder in which a person pays too much attention to their appearance, finding in it one or more, in his opinion, serious defects.However, he believes that the bodily defect makes it ugly, not only in his eyes but in the eyes of the people around them.

Common symptoms of BDD include symptoms such as:

  • constantly low self-esteem;
  • inadequate representation of their appearance and the importance of the so-called defect;
  • increased anxiety, until the panic attacks;
  • symptoms of a depressive state, suicidal;
  • difficulties in relationships with other people;
  • attempt to avoid contact with people, the pursuit of social exclusion;
  • fear visiting public places, social phobia;
  • feeling that the surrounding people notice a defect, laugh and tease;
  • unwillingness to go out in the daylight;
  • inability to concentrate at work or other activities due to intrusive thoughts, caused by disorder;
  • comparing their appearance with the ideal;
  • search for information about the defect correction capabilities, attempts at self;
  • insistence to fix the defect appearance through plastic surgery.

addition, BDD symptoms may vary depending on the localization alleged defect or other personal reasons.

For example, patients tend to hide the alleged defect in various ways, using baggy clothes or excessive makeup.Some, on the contrary, with the help of colorful and garish clothes and accessories are trying to divert the attention of others by its defect.

People with BDD are often looking at themselves in mirrors or any other reflective surfaces, trying to find an angle in which the defect was not visible to others.In other cases, they are, on the contrary, avoided looking in the mirror and throw the mirror out of the house, once again not to see his flaws.

Often they tend to call it that, and the symptom pictures, that is a categorical reluctance to be photographed under any circumstances, due to the fact that the defect in the image will become even more noticeable.

In some cases, patients are so concerned and dissatisfied with their appearance, which again and again makes plastic surgery, which nevertheless did not bring the desired effect.

Sometimes patients try on their own to get rid of its disturbing lack of, engaging in self, and even trying to physically eliminate the defect using almost surgical procedures.

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