Personality disorder in adolescents

Scientists from the University of Houston discovered the existence of the early signs of borderline personality among adolescents, which is usually not diagnosed until two decades.

Borderline personality disorder - a mental condition in which people tend to impulsiveness and emotional instability, accompanied by an abrupt change of attitude both to themselves and to the people around.

These inner feelings are often expressed in a very impulsive behavior and promiscuity in personal relationships.

addition, borderline personality disorder characterized by symptoms such as anger, affective instability, self-harm, suicide, fear of loneliness, relationship problems, impulsivity of action, including a tendency to abuse alcohol, drugs, eating disorder.

diagnosis of "borderline personality disorder", as a rule, put only to adults, because it is considered that as such personality disorder at the time when the person is not yet fully formed, can not be.

Given that the brain is fully formed only 25 years, it

is impossible to speak of personality disorder to this point, as in children and adolescents the brain is still developing and the person is just being formed.

However, on the other hand, according to scientists from the University of Houston, even children have a certain style of behavior in relation to the people around.

Thus, the researchers point out that personality disorder does not develop suddenly in the day of age, some antecedents and manifestations disorders can be detected, and at an earlier date.


In a study conducted over two years, took part in teenagers aged 12 to 17 years.The study for the first time confirmed the existence of the relationship between borderline personality disorder and giperosmysleniem adolescents.

Under giperosmysleniem in this case means the ability to perceive and recognize the thoughts and feelings to understand and predict the behavior of others.

experiment participants had after watching the 15-minute episodes of the films to recognize, think and feel the characters, and choose from four answer choices, each of which corresponds to a certain type of thinking.As a result, 23% of the identified features similar to the symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

Thus, it became clear that there are early signs of borderline personality disorder, which can be identified in childhood and adolescence.

Early diagnosis will allow prescribe treatment without waiting for the development of disturbances in full, and thus preventing it.

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