Dysmorphophobia : when appearance is important

Excessive concern about their own appearance and its imaginary defects may be a manifestation of corporal dysmorphic disorder.

Many people are worried about how to look and pay particular importance to physical appearance, trying to become more attractive and as close to the ideal.However, excessive concern about his own appearance may develop into a mental disorder called dimorfofobiya or bodily dysmorphia.

Dysmorphophobia - a mental disorder manifested in excessive concern for imaginary or real, but minor defect or characteristic appearance.Typically, such concern relates to one or two external defects.Most often disturbing features touch the skin, hair, and nose weight, but can affect almost any part of the body.Develops the disorder in adolescence and young age, when appearance is most important for human self-determination.Women and men are affected by this condition equally, but women seek help more often than men.

false perception

Dysmorphophobia not only leads to an exaggeration of the si

gnificance of the appearance of defects, but also at this concern.People suffering from this disorder can spend hours thinking about the problem, it is critical to look at myself in the mirror, looking for the most successful perspective or even avoided his reflection.They think that people pay attention to their defect and laugh at them.This can lead to attempts to isolate themselves from society, even to the development of social phobia.Thus in reality people with BDD can have a very attractive appearance, but with a distorted view of their own body, consider themselves to be ugly.

Related Disorders

Features of perception with BDD may have features and other psychiatric disorders.For example, obsessive thoughts about their appearance are consistent with the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and attempts to protect themselves from contact with other people for fear of being laughed at and humiliated in public - social phobia symptoms.In addition, BDD is often accompanied by a deep depression, which is at least once in a lifetime experience 76% of patients with dysmorphia.Complications of BDD in some cases, can become an eating disorder such as bulimia and anorexia.

Another dangerous feature of BDD is extremely high, compared to other mental disorders, suicidal.According to some reports, the risk of suicide attempts in patients with BDD is 15%.And this figure may increase in the presence of comorbid psychiatric disorders.

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