Myths about stroke

Stroke - a common problem, so in the society about it There is a number of myths, and myths often prevent it adequately assess the condition.

first myth: a stroke can not be prevented

In fact, a set of preventive measures can significantly reduce the incidence of stroke.

For non-pharmacological prevention of stroke include measures such as control of blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, quitting smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, an adequate amount of physical activity, diet low in salt and fat.

Even if a person has suffered an acute ischemic attack, compliance with all of these recommendations, drug correction of some indicators and treatment of opportunistic diseases under the supervision of specialists can reduce the risk of recurrent stroke.

second myth: a stroke can not be cured and therefore does not require immediate assistance

Stroke requires immediate treatment because it threatens the patient's life.The most effective stroke care can be provided for 3-5 hours after the on

set of symptoms.Therefore, when the first symptoms must be as soon as possible to ask for specialized medical care.

Myth Three: stroke - a disease of older

probability of acute cerebrovascular accidents actually increases with age.However, a stroke can happen to a person of any age, this disease even exposed infants and children up to 15 years.

Myth Four: stroke, myocardial - a disease of the cardiovascular system

acute cerebrovascular accident, or stroke, sometimes called apoplexy, or apoplexy.Ischemic stroke, which occurs as a result of occlusion of blood vessels and termination current, also referred to as cerebral infarction.

Myth Five: The recovery can only occur during the first few months

recovery process take place with the greatest intensity in the first months of the onset of the disease.However, rehabilitation and restoration of the disturbed functions after a stroke with appropriate treatment continued throughout later life.

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