What if it hurts the heart

What if it hurts the heart
Heart pain - the most frightening, because the heart - is the foundation of our lives, and if it is not healthy, the body will also suffer.And so it is extremely important to know what to do if you have a sick heart.

heart hurts ... And my heart it?

not always a pain in the chest or in the heart means is cardiac (heart) pains.In addition to the heart inside the chest cavity, there are other organs and tissues.

reason pain may be neurological, resulting in inflammation of the intercostal muscles, pnevmoniynoy due to irritation of the pleura.

It can be herniated discs, low back pain, psychogenic pain, dystonia, peptic ulcer disease, problems with the pancreas.To determine the true cause of the pain can only be with the full survey.

However, pain in the left side of the chest and heart may be, especially if it is sharp, sharp, smack in the arm pain.In this case, a delay may be fatal - you should immediately call an ambulance!

What is heartache

The degree of pain in my heart does not always reflect

the severity of the disease and the severity of disease.For example, in myocardial ischemia in humans may arise from the spread of pressing pain in the left arm.Particularly characterized by such sensations after physical labor, severe stress or overeating.

In acute myocardial infarction, the feeling will be similar, but stronger and more durable, they can last for half an hour or even more.

When myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) occur pressing, aching or stabbing pain in the heart, where they can be totally unrelated to physical activity or stress.

Pericarditis, an inflammation of the pericardium, can give pain in the beginning of the disease, when the heart of the pericardium rubs.Then there are pains in the upper quadrant, pain in the heart and left arm, which are connected with the respiratory act, or a change in body position.To relieve pain, people usually sit down, leaning forward and breathing surface.

Cardiomyopathy is usually accompanied by pain of a different nature and localization, and with mitral valve prolapse appear long aching, pinching or pressing, which are not removed by nitroglycerine.

Pain extracardiac origin

When excessive emotionality and sensibility, especially in young women, there may be pain in the heart.Neurogenic pain is usually associated with the act of breathing, worse with a deep breath or changes in body position, they are reduced dramatically if to distract the patient, or tuck it to the water.

If the pain in the heart, "as sharp as a needle," first of all, is suspected of such a thing as cardioneurosis manifestations of vascular dystonia.Such pain usually require rest, vacation and receive sedation.In addition, to reduce such pain or completely eliminate their consumption will help with the adrenaline sports and motor activity, and the ability to relax.

Heart pain after lifting heavy loads, work in the garden, accompanied by pain in the back, will be suspicious to the manifestations of osteochondrosis or herniated discs in the thoracic region.

Aching Heart: what to do

If you have any pain in my heart you the first time and you do not know if you have problems with heart, blood vessels and pressure, it is necessary to act in a certain pattern.

First of all, you need to sit or lie down and relax, try to pull yourself together and do not add to the blood additional portions of adrenaline.Open the box and loosen the collar, waistband, or any other constricting clothing items.Take about 40 drops or valokordin validol Corvalol.Lie in peace and quiet, take an aspirin tablet and dipyrone, washing them down with half a glass of water.

If after 15-20 minutes the pain does not subside, call an ambulance.But take any other medications (antihypertensives, nitroglycerin) can not, it is a strong medications - they can and do harm.

If you are already familiar with the pain in my heart, you have a cardiac diagnosis and prescribed treatment, but at the same time you have pain in your heart, you must try to remove the attack.When an attack of angina needs rest, the horizontal position, access to fresh and cool air, and nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue.

If you have been diagnosed cardioneurosis - you can get help calm and fresh air, taking valerian or other sedatives and exercise in combination with emotional peace.

If you suspect a heart attack requires immediate call an ambulance, but before its arrival must be planted (but not put !!!) patients.It is necessary to loosen all the knots and gum, to ensure the access of oxygen and carry out diversionary procedures - to make a foot bath with mustard or even hot water, attach to the calves mustard, give validol tablet under the tongue, or 40 drops valokordin or korvalola.If all this does not help - take nitroglycerin under the tongue.

When the pain in the heart, resulting from high blood pressure, you need to take a high-speed tool for reducing the pressure prescribed by a doctor or call an ambulance.

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What to do next

When angina attack or suspected acute myocardial infarction for you all the rest will do the doctors: you are hospitalized in the cardiology, and even in the intensive care unit.

In other types of pain is necessary after the first episode to see a doctor and undergo a complete examination.

doctor will ask you to carefully examine and appoint you to a series of tests and procedures:

  • standard ECG;
  • ECG with loads and provocations;
  • chest X-ray;
  • ultrasound of the heart;
  • heart monitoring Holter;
  • blood pressure monitoring;
  • many others, depending on the results of the initial evaluation.

Upon receipt of all the results and diagnosis the doctor will prescribe a proper treatment to prevent further attacks.

If the cause of the pain is not in the heart, the doctor will refer you to the appropriate medical specialist - a neurologist, gastroenterologist or vertebrology.

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