How to save money on health: 7 life hacking

How to save money on health: 7 life hacking
Everyone knows that this match - is not only unpleasant and dangerous, and expensive.Here are some solutions to help you save.

Cheap counterparts expensive drugs

Most expensive drugs, sold under well-known brands have cheaper counterparts - generics.This medicine containing the same active ingredient.

typical example - the enzyme preparation "Mezim" and its full analogue of the active substance "Pancreatin", which is cheaper by about ten times.Also about ten times the well-known "Nurofen" more similar "Ibuprofen".The list of such examples is very large.

On the Internet you will find a lot of information about analogues of expensive drugs, but it is simpler and, most importantly, safer to ask the attending physician.Most physicians with understanding react to the patient's request to pick up the drug of the same action with a lower value.But on pharmacists and pharmacists on this issue is not always rely, more often they are directly interested in the sale of more expensive tools.

If you're strapped for cash, be sure to check with the doctor and then, what medicines are required and which are spelled out "just in case".For example, doctors simultaneously with antibiotics are almost always administered correction means for the intestinal flora.In fact, this correction may be required from all, and you may well buy drugs only if there are unpleasant symptoms.

Promotions and coupons

now widespread received the so-called coupon sites, especially in large cities.The bottom line is that you are encouraged to buy a voucher for little money, for which you get a very substantial discount on a particular product or service.

Discounts are often available, and medical services.Most often it is a variety of complex diagnostic examinations and treatment at the dentist.Typically, such a system are attracting customers recently opened medical centers.They often announce its own stock at deep discounts.

could benefit from is actually very large.But, of course, is to make sure the pre-qualification of physicians, institutions see certificates and, if possible, read reviews from other clients on the Internet.

Free medicines for children

Few people know, but Russian legislation stipulates that children under three years of age (and in large families - up to six years) can receive medication for outpatient treatment for special recipes for free.

Such a possibility written into the RF Government Decree of 30 July 1994 N 890 "On state support of development of the medical industry and improving the provision of population and public health institutions with medicines and medical devices."

That it is necessary to refer to the conversation with the district pediatrician who refuse to write a prescription (and for his failure - with clinic administration).

law provides free admission to all the medicines necessary for the child regardless of the family's material position and the presence of the child's disability.The regional lists are somewhat different, but the vast majority of drugs, prescription by pediatricians, it is still there.Get them a prescription at any pharmacy specialist.

Voluntary medical insurance

In contrast to the mandatory health insurance policy LCA is not free.But, oddly enough, its purchase can also help save money.

The voluntary insurance is usually included more types of services, what allows MHI policy.If you know that you will, for instance, elective surgery, comprehensive examination or a long-term and complex dental treatment, be sure to calculate what it will cost you the price list of services and find out the possible cost of LCA, including such assistance.Sometimes it turns out that the purchase of the policy will cost considerably cheaper.

Another option - to find a job in the organization, providing staff policies LCA free.

Free rehabilitation centers and sanatoriums

The Russian healthcare system in addition to hospitals and clinics, there are various rehabilitation centers and sanatoria.They all work as a fee, and in the system of CHI.That is, to use their services can anyone with policy.

Of course, this should be the appropriate indications.You can claim a free spa treatment and rehabilitation, for example after traumas, operations, heart attack, stroke and many other diseases, such as joint pain or hypertension.

Pensioners in many regions can get a ticket to the resort free of charge once a year through the bodies of social protection of the population.

By unwritten law is rarely a doctor in the clinic will tell you about the possibilities of a free rehabilitation, it is important to take the initiative and make a referral.


Taxes Russian citizens have the right to receive compensation for the cost of expensive treatment and purchase of medicines.The list of these products and the procedure for obtaining the deduction described in article 219 of the Tax Code and the RF Government Decree of 19.03.2001 №201.

physician should prescribe two recipes, one of which you will then together with the cash register receipt to submit to the tax office at the place of residence, and the cost of the drug will be deducted from your taxes.In the case of expensive treatment you must issue a certificate confirming where and for how much you or your family members were treated.

Clinical examination and vaccination

The best option - and at avoiding expensive treatments.And this requires effective prevention and early diagnosis.

good way - it is a regular medical examination.It is free for all citizens of the Russian Federation in the clinics in the community, including all the most important tests and medical check-ups (up to early screening for cancer).

Conducting clinical examination has recently been given a lot of attention from the authorities, as a result of this procedure is remarkably well organized in most clinics.For example, a dedicated day for clinical examination, plotted professionals to pass all the examinations could be as fast as possible and without queues.

Do not neglect and vaccination.Most vaccines can also be done for free, thereby avoiding serious diseases and the costs associated with them.

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