Why sick in the morning : the main causes of

Why sick in the morning : the main causes of
Morning sickness - a fairly common and extremely unpleasant phenomenon.The reason for its occurrence can serve as natural factors, and pathological.In the latter case, nausea symptoms are important in the diagnosis of various diseases.

When immediately after waking up, instead of pleasing vivacity rolls nausea, called morning kind does not turn the language in the most inveterate optimist.When one thought about breakfast treacherously stomach begins to fidget, forcing its owner to run headlong into the bathroom.Often it ends vomiting, but even that does not bring relief.

start in the morning, nausea can torment for a long time, verses only in the evening.And if someone is faced with a similar phenomenon rarely, some people suffering from these or other diseases, sick in the morning regularly.This suggests that serious health problems, and finding reasons why morning sickness, it is a vital task.

are exposed morning sickness

  1. If nausea is accompanied by vomiting in the morning, it can cause dehydra
    tion, and worsening of the general condition of the loss with vomit important minerals and electrolytes.When
  2. constantly sick in the morning, suffering not only physical condition but also psycho-emotional.
  3. Decreased appetite nausea and frequent rejection of breakfast leads to the fact that the body does not receive food nutrients and vitamins.

Why morning sickness

  • gestational toxicosis.On this reason, woman is thinking in the first place, if it is morning sickness.Indeed, in the first trimester of pregnancy nausea in the morning worried about the vast majority of expectant mothers.As a rule, the general condition suffers a little, and by the fourth month of the unpleasant symptoms disappear on their own, but sometimes it can be so severe that leads to hospitalization of a pregnant woman.
  • hangover.And with that the culprit of nausea in the morning men face more often.Many people know from personal experience that, having touched on the eve of intoxicating drinks, a new day can be seen not in the best shape.The high concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach can cause nausea and is a typical symptom of the hangover.
  • gastrointestinal disease.About digestive problems often indicates a condition where the sick in the morning.If nausea is attached to a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and heartburn, the most likely reason is gastritis or peptic ulcer.A metallic taste in the mouth and discomfort in the right upper quadrant speak about violation of functioning of the gallbladder.Spilled pain in the right half of the abdomen and nausea may also occur with the inflammation of the appendix.Accompanied by nausea, belching should serve as a reason for seeking medical attention for the study of the pancreas.In addition, vomiting in the morning may from the banal overeating (especially if the evening meal consisted of fatty, spicy and acidic foods), or poisoning.
  • endocrine system.When the thyroid gland begins to produce insufficient amounts of hormones, one of the first signs of hypothyroidism is morning sickness, which are attached to the feeling of fatigue, memory loss, weight change.
  • Cardiovascular system.To suspect a malfunction of the heart or blood vessels can be when on the background of strong migraines and dizziness, nausea observed in the morning hours.This pattern is characteristic of hypertension.And if these symptoms joins a sharp pain in the heart, it can not exclude the risk of myocardial infarction.
  • central nervous system.Violation of the vestibular system can lead to the fact that any movement that accompanies the transition from sleep to wakefulness, will cause a painful bout of nausea and a variety of diseases.In addition, similar symptoms observed with vascular dystonia and cerebral concussion.
  • urinary system.If the kidneys can not cope with their functions in the body accumulate toxic products of metabolism that cause fever and discomfort in the stomach in the morning.Also in diseases of the kidneys, the character and frequency of urination.
  • Medication.When morning sickness, it is possible that this is due to the appointment of such drugs as iron preparations, antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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