Sore ear : what to do

Sore ear : what to do
Painful sensations in the ear area may act concomitant symptom in a number of diseases of different nature.So when a sore ear, so it is important to know what to do, so as not to cause complications of the process and ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

According to medical statistics, ear pain can cause not only a disease of the outer, middle or inner ear, but also any inflammation or injury to organs located in the immediate vicinity.

anatomical structure of the organ of hearing is the reason that the pain radiates easily to ear.

This feature greatly complicates the diagnosis and self-medication makes useless in many cases.Therefore, people who want to find a universal answer to the question "hurts the ear: what to do?", You need to first understand what the cause of their poor health.And only then look for ways to solve the problem.

Types of earache

  • sharp shooting
  • dull aching
  • spilled or localized
  • Pressing
  • Throbbing

In most cases, ear pain is accompanied by the following symp

toms: high temperature, deterioration of general health, headache, difficulty swallowing, hearing impairment, vertigo.

Sore ear: what is the reason

The most common culprit of unpleasant sensations in the ear becomes the inflammatory process.It can affect the outer ear and wearing a localized nature, manifesting itself in the form of boils.Otitis middle and inner ear, typically develops because of bacterial infection has diffused nature and more severe.

Injuries also take higher level in the list of causes of earache.Among them - frostbite, bruises, getting into the ear canal of a foreign object or water, violation of the integrity of the mucous membrane of the ear when you try to remove the sulfur.

severe pain in the ear, causing a sharp pressure drop due to the dive to great depths or, on the contrary, the rise in the maximum height.

patients teeth and other dental problems are often accompanied by pain radiating to the ear.Similar symptoms are characteristic of arthritis maxillo-temporal joint and sinusitis mastoid process of the temporal bone.

Among other causes of pain in the ear - infection of the paranasal sinuses, the impact on the organ of hearing too loud sounds, the pathology of the nervous system (in particular, the auditory nerve), tumors in the ear or nearby organs.


Sore ear: what to do

first and most natural that tries to make a person covered by an attack of ear pain - to stop this unpleasant phenomenon.Unfortunately, most often in the course are analgesics, blunts pain, but does not eliminate the cause of the disease.As a result, the running of infection is many times increased chance of developing complications, the most serious of which - hearing loss and meningitis.

Therefore, the most correct answer to the question "what if it hurts my ear" Council will seek help from a specialist.Otolaryngologist can not only carry out a thorough inspection of the affected ear and prescribe appropriate treatment.Regardless of the causes of the disease, it should be comprehensive and chosen based on the individual patient.

In most cases, the pain sensations of light and moderate outpatient treatment is given at a constant supervision of specialists.In severe forms of the disease therapy is stationary.

Typically, when a sore ear, the treatment is to appoint a vasoconstrictor nose drops, a course of antibiotics, antibacterial drops in the ear, pain medication, physical therapy, local warming compresses.In some cases, it requires surgery.

If sore ear tips

  1. sure to ask your doctor if the pain is sharp, shock character, does not weaken during the day, or is accompanied by a deterioration of general condition.
  2. for the relief of pain in the ear can be used analgesics, but they should not be used as an alternative to full treatment.
  3. To remove the swelling inside the ear canal, it is possible to drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drops.
  4. If the earache is a foreign object, or an excess of sulfur, never attempt to remove them!Finding
  5. upright reduces painful pressure in the middle ear.
  6. First aid for earache may be to impose an alcohol compress.To make it a cotton swab soaked in vodka or alcohol solution and applied for 10-15 minutes to the affected ear.
  7. If the pain is caused by infection of the outer ear, the focus of inflammation can be treated with antiseptic solutions.
  8. warm camomile prepares for washing ear: 1 tspdried flowers, pour a glass of hot water.Infuse for 20-25 minutes, drain.
  9. Mix equal proportions of alcohol tincture of propolis and honey.When inflammation of the ear means to bury 2-3 drops at night.
  10. When purulent otitis grind into mush onion and squeeze out the juice.Add a little warm linseed or melted butter.Soak a cotton swab and a mass enter in a sore ear.

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