Efficacy and safety of a new treatment for hepatitis C is confirmed by clinical studies

Efficacy and safety of a new treatment for hepatitis C confirmed by clinical
Today, on World Hepatitis Day, in one of the most respected medical journal The Lancet published two very impressive clinical studies describing the progress in the treatment of hepatitis C genotype 1 - one of the most intractable.

Worldwide, about 150 million people suffer from chronic hepatitis C - a virus infection, which is a major cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer.In turn, among all subtypes of hepatitis C genotype 1 is the most intractable kind, but also, unfortunately, the most common among the population of Europe, northern Asia, the USA, Australia and South America.

So far, the main method of treatment is kobinatsiya three kinds of drugs: ribavirin, pegylated interferon and a protease inhibitor that can simultaneously inhibit the reproduction of the virus and stimulate the patient's immune system.

disadvantage of this combination of drugs, however, are the complexity of the application (injection and up to 18 tablets a day in certain cases) and potentially serious side effects.At the same

time agents from the group of viral means of direct action eliminates the interferon and ribavirin, avoiding their side effects: it is this group of drugs have shown impressive results in research published today.

Research HALLMARK-DUAL, led by Professor Manns, is tested on 645 patients from different countries, patients with hepatitis C (1b genotype), and combinations daklatasvira asunaprevira.90% of patients were cured, not treated previously, and 82% of patients with intolerance to previous treatment or not to give in to him.

Similar results were obtained and the scientific team led by Professor Levitts, the COSMOS conduct research, using a combination of drugs and sofosbuvir simeprevira.

can be concluded that the two proposed combination of drugs proved to be more safe, effective and convenient to use than existing treatments, including patients whose cases were considered intractable.

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