Constant fatigue seven unexpected reasons

Constant fatigue seven unexpected reasons
For most residents of large cities causes constant fatigue seem obvious - a tedious job, in traffic jams and road, finally, the lack of sleep.But it may not be the only problem.

Let's see what else makes us feel always tired and lacking in vitality.

1. Too little water

Even slight dehydration can deprive strength and vitality.Experts explain that the lack of fluid in the body leads to the fact that the circulated blood volume decreases, the blood coagulates, and hence oxygen and nutrients are not effectively carried by the blood throughout the body.Not receiving them, the brain sends a signal about the fatigue.

The average person needs about 1.5-2 liters of fluid a day to maintain a normal balance.A more exact figure depends on several factors - first of all, the weight, intensity of physical activity and the weather.

2. Lunch on the run

habit of eating on the move leads to the fact that we consume too much carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates.After all, the most popular snacks - it rolls, sa

ndwiches, cookies and the like.What is the easiest way to buy in the store, and eat on the road.

Simple carbohydrates raise blood sugar quickly, but this level also decreases rapidly.These differences, according to experts, are another cause of constant fatigue.

Maintain blood sugar at an optimum level allows food including enough protein (meat, dairy products) and complex carbohydrates (vegetables, rice, buckwheat).

3. Reverse the effect of coffee and alcohol

drink coffee throughout the day to stay awake, a glass of wine before bedtime - to relax and have a good rest of the night.In fact, the effect can be reversed.

According to studies, excessive amounts of coffee leads to the fact that the human body gets off the natural cycle of sleep and wakefulness, the result - constant fatigue.Experts recommend to be limited to three cups of weak coffee per day and give up coffee for six hours before bedtime.

Alcohol drunk shortly before bedtime actually has a sedative effect and helps many to fall asleep quickly.However, after a few hours there is a surge of adrenaline, a person either completely wakes up in the night and can not sleep, or sleep deep.So the next day, and spends a feeling of constant fatigue.

4. Iron - too much or too little

That constant fatigue may be associated with anemia, ie lack of iron in the body, known to many.Indeed, anemia leads to bad form red blood cells, resulting in cells do not get enough oxygen.

But too high a level of iron in the body can also cause constant fatigue -organizm begins to expend energy on something to get rid of the excess.

Avoid self-administration of iron tools, especially if you do not see any obvious reasons for which you might not have enough iron.It is better to consult a doctor beforehand and hand over a blood test to know for sure.

5. cluttered workspace

If your desktop, or even an entire office looks literally littered with various objects, it makes it impossible to focus and process information efficiently.

Experts have found that small persistent shift of attention lead to fatigue - eventually constant fatigue , seemingly out of the blue.

Try to organize the space around it so that there was nothing more in the zone of visibility.

6. Perfectionism

Perfectionist can not do the job just fine, he must always do it perfectly and flawlessly.Unrealistic goals - a pledge of constant dissatisfaction.Inability to prioritize and distribute the forces leading to extreme forces, and hence a constant feeling of fatigue.

If you are familiar with it, to cultivate the habit of pre-determine for each task a sufficient level of quality and set itself clear deadlines, for which this can be achieved.


7. Rest without rest

You seem to be gone on vacation, but just in case check out a few times a day work email, suddenly comes something important.You decide - I still lay on the beach and do nothing, will consider the details of a new project or read useful websites on this topic.Leaving the office, you take away with him all the problems of the workers.This is not to say that you are working, formally you relax, but the brain is constantly included in operating problems.

To get rid of the feeling of constant fatigue, it is important to really take a break.Internally decide that you relax and switch.

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