Hazardous Products: it is dangerous to have the summer

According to statistics, in the summer is always increasing number of food poisoning and intestinal infections.After studying news lines, it is easy to understand what products are becoming a source of danger more often.

increase in the number of poisoning and intestinal infections in summer is associated primarily with the hot weather.In a little more active bacteria multiply and the products are perishable.What are the most dangerous and, therefore, harmful products in the summer?

Harmful №1: street food

Shawarma, pies bought from the hand - this meal at any time of the year can not be called useful and safe.But in the summer the risk of getting serious poisoning increases significantly.

sale, and sometimes the food is cooked on the street, often under the scorching sun.It spoils very quickly, especially if the ingredients themselves were originally not the best quality.

last mass poisoning case was registered not so long ago in Kaliningrad.After eating shawarma in a tent in the center of the c

ity, more than 40 people were poisoned, some of them were in serious condition in intensive care.

test showed the presence of harmful products of several pathogens of intestinal infections, including dangerous salmonella.Extensive testing in Moscow, conducted after the event, also revealed numerous violations.

Harmful №2: fruit

Summer - the season of fruit.But, alas, in the sale are often fruits and berries, which can cause serious damage to health.Of course, it is important to give up and propped unwashed fruit, but much more difficult to recognize the product, stuffed with harmful fertilizers.This sin is most melons, especially watermelon.

Already this summer from different regions of Russia have time to do the news of the poisoning Striped berry.The hospital people were in Blagoveshchensk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk.The cases actually more than it seems at first glance, in fact many are treated independently with non-severe poisoning.

Experts warn that the fruit fly is only necessary in the official points of sale, where vendors have documents with the results of the audit.

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Harmful №3:

salads Salads with mayonnaise dressing should not be stored for more than two hours in the summer heat, this time limit is reduced.Buying salad in a store, you run the risk of poison, because you just do not know how much longer it is in the refrigerator.

But at home it is not necessary to store long salads, it is desirable to eat them immediately after cooking.

mass poisoning case salads not so long ago, it was registered in the Stavropol region, then after the use of salads, bought in one of the retail chains, the doctors asked more than 200 people with symptoms of severe food poisoning.

Harmful №4: eggs and dairy products

If the eggs are not completely boiled thoroughly, they can be a source of salmonella, which the bacteria spread rapidly in the heat.The same dangerous disease can be obtained by eating chicken meat or drinking raw milk.

summer the number of such poisoning increases dramatically, not only because of the hot weather, but also because many go to the house, in the village, where to buy hand products that have not undergone veterinary inspection, milk, meat, eggs.

Several cases of poisoning low-quality chicken eggs was recently discovered in Vladivostok, and then check found for sale whole lot of eggs that are hazardous to health.

Harmful №5: cakes

cakes with butter cream and protein deteriorate in the heat quickly, becoming a cause of poisoning.Such products can be stored only in the refrigerator.Even a couple of hours at the table can make a delicious cake dangerous to health.

this year in many cities have done without school graduation cakes after a few cases of mass poisoning a year earlier, when the children were in the hospital immediately after the feast, feast cakes, to stand for several hours at the tables.

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August 11, 2014 13:40

Maria wrote (a):
a question about salads with mayonnaise.They kept only two o'clock without a refrigerator.but I have never seen a house in which there would be no refrigerator.and to the products of good quality and fresh and can be stored for three days.and in particular it concerns the salad with mayonnaise.the only thing you can not buy these in the summer salads.cook and store in your own fridge is quite possible.but it turns out that there is absolutely nothing you can not.

And I do not have years of cooler)

Anonymous August 7, 2014 09:37

Watermelons at a line - hahaha

August 6, 2014 18:17

originatedquestion about salads with mayonnaise.They kept only two o'clock without a refrigerator.but I have never seen a house in which there would be no refrigerator.and to the products of good quality and fresh and can be stored for three days.and in particular it concerns the salad with mayonnaise.the only thing you can not buy these in the summer salads.cook and store in your own fridge is quite possible.but it turns out that there is absolutely nothing you can not.

August 6, 2014 01:43

Just like always.And it is harmful not only in summer.But watermelons and melons really before the middle of August it is better not to buy.Becauseto ensure that they have matured or grown before they are stuffed with any chemistry.

August 5, 2014 19:40

I always thoroughly inspect such products,before you buy or eat, and to be honest I have recently become ruthlessly disposed of in the trash if the product is suspicious.Money spent sorry of course, but your health is more important.Therefore, one more tip - do not eat the product, just because it is a pity to throw away.Pity better yourself !!!!

August 5, 2014 16:25

arbuziki But the most delicious on the track sold, store some not so

Anonymous August 5, 2014 15:25

Vobschemnefig eat, sit hunger)))


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