Medical examinations

Medical examinations
Every person sometimes needs medical attention.And when there is a choice, then I want to make it so as to obtain the best conditions: the highest quality of care, friendly service and good accommodation conditions, the preservation of private information.

Medical examinations of employees of enterprises are organized in order to detect early signs of occupational diseases of persons working under the influence of harmful factors (eg noise, chemicals, dust, various types of radiation, vibration).

Periodic inspections include:

  • advice on all aspects of internal medicine;
  • examination of temporary disability;
  • medical examinations of persons working in contact with harmful and (or) dangerous production factors for five years or more (trained personnel);
  • independent expert advice of complex cases;
  • daily maintenance.

for business leaders and their employees would be preferable to enter into direct contracts with medical centers.

Direct contract with the medical center provides:

  • Own provide outpatient medical services;
  • organization providing services in other medical institutions of Moscow and the Moscow region;
  • access to tax benefits, changes in the taxation of enterprises, which came into force in 2010, allows us to offer better terms than they can offer insurance companies LCA;
  • simplification and improvement of health services payment now:

1), the company will not bear the costs for the payment of medical services due to the reallocation of funds between the actors;

2) of the enterprise funds may be transferred to the next period;

3) the possibility of obtaining benefits now at the price and terms of payment, under certain conditions.

advantages are:

  • work in strict accordance with the law and the signed contract;
  • no restrictions on the type of medical services;
  • no cost for the services of an insurance company;
  • possibility of accumulation of funds and transfer of unused funds to the next year;
  • smaller amount of funds withdrawn from circulation;
  • the possibility of calculations at more favorable prices for medical services, under certain conditions.

Unique work of the family center is the availability of medical care for the patient on a daily basis, the ability to heal as emergency status and chronic disease, involving, most modern medical advances.

Experts recommend regularly undergo baseline medical examination and periodic inspection that can detect the disease and treat it in its early stages.

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