What is outpatient surgery

What is outpatient surgery
Outpatient surgery - one of the most promising areas of modern medicine, which combines the most advanced technologies and knowledge.

Today, in Western countries, about 70% of operations are performed on an outpatient basis, in the centers of day surgery.Unfortunately, in Russia, the number of outpatient surgery is less than 20%.

experience gained over the years on the basis of Russian and western ambulatory surgery centers, it shows that the risks of outpatient operations and the operations carried out in hospitals, almost equal, and complications - less.

This is due to the lack of hospital infections in ambulatory surgery centers, which reduces the likelihood of wound complications.In addition, most patients report the undoubted superiority of home care over stationary.

availability due to the fact that out-patient treatment cost is reduced due to the absence of such items of expenditure as staying on a cot (koykoden), nutrition, care.As a result, costs can be reduced by almost half.

you can offer to perform the operation in an outpatient surgery center, if you do not have serious associated diseases, and chronic diseases are in remission (improvement).

in an outpatient surgery center can be operated on a hernia of the anterior abdominal wall of various localization under general anesthesia (umbilical, femoral, inguinal, postoperative, hernia linea alba).

Under local anesthesia, removed the skin and the formation of subcutaneous adipose tissue (lipomas, papillomas, fibromas, warts, warts, hemangioma, etc.), ingrown toenails.

In addition, in an outpatient surgery center performed the treatment of diseases such as varicocele, hydrocele, hemorrhoids, surgery for anal fissures.

otolaryngologist performed polypectomy, maxillary sinusotomy, removal of tumors of the ear and ear canal, uvuloplastika (uvulotomiya) and other

So, this type of assistance has a number of advantages:.

  • prompt receipt of full surgical treatment at the present level, in a comfortable environment, and in just one day;
  • use of minimally invasive, sparing surgical techniques that do not require long-term rehabilitation;
  • not require hospitalization, and therefore, there is no limit to the freedom of movement of the patient;
  • dressings can be produced both in the center and at home;
  • patient himself can plan a visit to the doctor;
  • cost of outpatient care is significantly lower fixed;
  • no risk of nosocomial infection;
  • operation will not knock you out of the normal rhythm of life!

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