Diet for demodicosis

Proper nutrition is essential for the successful treatment of demodectic mange.

Acne is a microscopic mite that lives in the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.In 60% of the people he lives on the skin without causing any signs of disease.

To a man appeared symptoms of demodectic mange, mites should begin to actively proliferate.The patient begins to disturb the itching skin and eyelids, loss of eyelashes, the appearance of a red rash.

Acne differs persistent and prolonged course.Eventually the person becomes cyanotic hue, covered with scars.The skin becomes uneven, with large pores.This has a negative impact on the psychological state of patients.

Treatment of demodicosis

Nowadays medicine has at its disposal a number of active antimicrobial and protivokleschevye funds.However, one of their use for treatment of demodectic mange is not enough.

great importance are factors such as hygiene, frequent change of bed linen, a strict diet.Pillow cases and sheets to be changed daily.Clean linen should b

e proglazheno on both sides with a hot iron, as the high temperature will kill the mites.Feather pillows should be replaced with synthetic.

From make-up must be abandoned, because the cosmetics might be contaminated with mites.For the same reason, all creams for face should be in disposable packaging or in tubes with dispenser.This prevents contact with fingers moisturizer skin.

All heat treatments promote breeding of ticks, so baths and saunas should be postponed until better times.

demodex Many people tend to get rid of annoying rash using cosmetic cleansing.It absolutely can not do, because such procedures only provoke the spread of mites on healthy skin.


addition to the above restrictions, for stable remission demodectic diet plays a huge role.After all, the state of the stomach and intestines in the first place depends on the products that we use.A gastrointestinal disease is one of the triggering factors in maintaining the mite activity.

Diet for demodicosis has its own characteristics.It should completely abandon the sweet, spicy, salty, smoked dishes.They excessively irritate the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, skin inflammation indirectly supporting.

In addition, increased blood sugar is an excellent food for mites, resulting in their enhanced proliferation.Because the diet is necessary to exclude all citrus fruits as a source of histamine-like substances that provoke allergic reactions.For the same reason applies to banned products and honey.

At the time of treatment and relapse prevention is better to give preference to dairy products, vegetables and unsweetened fruit.Cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt, yogurt are beneficial to intestinal activity, a source of lactic acid bacteria.This is an excellent prevention of dysbiosis.

fiber, which is rich in vegetables and fruits, mechanically cleanses the gastrointestinal tract from food residues.Daily consumption of fresh lettuce, broccoli, boiled potatoes and other vegetables leads to the proper operation of the intestine and eliminates constipation.

compulsory component of the diet are cereals with demodicosis: buckwheat, oats or millet.They give energy and saturate the body with essential vitamins and trace elements.

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