Dental implants : the historical facts

Dental implants : the historical facts
dental implants - surgical method of installation in the jaw with a biocompatible tissue structure, replacing the root of the tooth, which then attaches a crown or denture.

replace lost tooth artificial analogue of people tried in ancient times, as evidenced by numerous finds of thousands of years of burial.But only in the last decade breakthrough in dental technology to provide real advances in the field of dental prosthetics.

first successes

first significant research achievements in the development of dental implants were closer to the XIX century as a result of research of several scientists.

The contribution made and Russian doctor, MD NNZnamensky, who worked in the second half of the XIX century.It proved that the dental prosthesis has the meaning already installed in the restore bone, but not in the open extraction sites.

Znamenskii also noted the importance of the material of the implant, which feature should be no reaction to physiological processes.

material conditions and the introduc
tion of the implant

search of suitable materials that would not reject tissue, became the most important task when considering dental implants.One of the first was tested gold as the most well-known biocompatible material.Subsequently, a number of scientists in the XIX-XX centuries.used porcelain, platinum, silver, iridium, and even designs compositions.

crucial for dental implantation was the discovery of the phenomenon of osseointegration (fusion of the bone material).Then I came to the titanium plan.

developments were a group of researchers at the Swedish University of Gothenburg, led by Professor Ingvar Brånemark.In 1965, research led to the conclusion bioinert titanium.Then Brånemark suggested using a collapsible design of the screw implant - intraosseous portion and screwed her head bearing tooth-called "system Branemark».

Brånemark As a result of research led important postulates for the successful implementation of dental implants.First of all, it is sterile, non-traumatic, geometric shape matching box and design.

These conditions, coupled with the use of titanium prostheses lead to the successful integration of the implant into the bone tissue so that the implant not only replaces the lost tooth person, but as a natural tooth root serves as a reliable support for the bone.

Modern development of prosthesis

At the end of the 70s, after the introduction of the Swedish development dentimplantatsiya began to develop rapidly.In all developed countries, scientists and doctors are working to create a variety of designs, most of which is a modification of Branemark system.This system is currently the accepted standard in dental implantation.

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