September 22 will be held a day of rest for the people who have suffered a stroke

«Orbi" September 22 Fund for the first time in Russia will hold a day of rest "Together Against Stroke" for people who have suffered a stroke and their families.

According to the National Stroke Center, every 1.5 minutes from one of the Russians stroke occurs.It can be said that he shared the human life into before and after.People who have had a "brain strike" for a long time trying to return to a normal way of life - it takes years and support of loved ones.

Sabbath for stroke survivors and their families, which will be held September 22 in the estate "Vorontsovo" - the best way to approach a step closer to recovery.

Day "Together Against Stroke" by analogy with the American Stroke camp.For Russia, this is a unique event, since such an action for the first time.The main goal - to provide the possibility of rehabilitation and adaptation of stroke patients and their families.

The estate "Vorontsovo" in the area of ​​adaptation for people who have suffered a stroke, everyone will find something to t

heir liking.In an open art workshop participants and their families will be engaged in creativity.In igroteke from "Mosigra", in addition to table games, the organizers have prepared a special training for those who find it difficult to move.Master classes on yoga, proper breathing and Nordic walking enable enjoy the fresh air and discover the techniques that will prove very useful in future recovery.Nutritionists from the clinic "Weight Factor" prompt, how to develop a therapeutic diet for stroke, as well as give advice to everyone about healthy eating.

Fitness Expert and Miss Fitness 2012, charming Anna Milyaeva, will prepare a special program for improving gymnastics.For stroke survivors and their families, Anna will show special exercises.Those who care for the sick, tell you how to strengthen your endurance, and all visitors of the park will demonstrate how to do at home to keep fit.

The smallest holiday guests and their parents expect entertainment area c mobile games and competitions from fitomiksov Fitoguru.No gifts no one will take.

try themselves in the art of dance can everyone - the whole day in the park dance studio D-fusion will conduct master classes.Dancing - a great way to lift your spirits and warm.In addition, any movement - is prevention of various diseases.

Regardless of the age and its features, anyone can take part in a one-time race "Nadezhda" - in support of the fight against stroke.

throughout the day at the site will be carried out campaign "Tell the health - yes!", Which includes ckrining-diagnosis for the presence of risk factors for stroke neurologists and advice from the Institute of cerebrovascular pathology and stroke GOU VPO Russian State Medical University them.NIPirogov and GKB number 31. Also, the Foundation will present a video that introduces the participants and guests of stroke symptoms.President and Trustees of the Fund will talk about how and, most importantly, why it is so important to pay attention to this problem.

Unfortunately, the stroke changes the lives of not only the patient but also his family and loved ones.How to deal with depression and decreased mental activity, psychologists will tell on group and individual consultations.

The event organizers promise a charitable art-market where you can buy beautiful paintings, stroke and more.The collected money from sales will go to the treatment of sick people.

final part of the festival will start at 17.00 balloons - each participant will bind to the ball a note with the desire, and then run them all together.After all, the desire necessary to life is constantly in motion.

Day "Together Against Stroke" will be held with the support of World Stroke Organization, the National Association for Combating stroke (NABI) and the Research Institute of cerebrovascular pathology and stroke GOU VPO Russian State Medical University them.NIPirogov

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