Gonorrhea in women

Gonorrhea in women
This disease is difficult to detect, as characteristic symptoms it does not have.Meanwhile, only one study in the laboratory will be able to prove the presence or absence of gonorrhea in women.

Gonorrhea - an infectious disease of the urogenital system, sexually transmitted.The causative agent of this disease is a Gram-negative bacterium - gonococcus (Neisseriagonorrhoeae), which was discovered by German scientist Neisser in 1879.

gonorrhea in women: the way of infection

main route of infection with gonorrhea - sexual contact.Moreover, the probability of infection is approximately the same as during normal sexual intercourse and through oral or anal sex, and averages 60-90% even after a single contact with an infected partner.Asexual way of infection is possible during childbirth (from the sick mother to child).

In women, gonorrhea can be asymptomatic and often occur only after a long time after infection as inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.Depending on the localization of the

inflammatory process and different symptoms of the disease.

various locations - different symptoms.

Today gonorrhea often occurs in women in the erased or asymptomatic form.Symptoms typical only for this disease does not exist, and its manifestations are directly related to localization.

So, with the defeat of the lower urinary tract, occurs gonorrheal urethritis is characterized by the classic symptoms of dysuria: pain, burning and sharp pains when urinating and frequent urination in small portions.This localization occurs more often than others.

When gonorrheal proctitis infection affects the rectum and is manifested by frequent urge to defecate, itching sensation and heat in the anus.

If the infection is localized in the cervix, the flow will be virtually asymptomatic.Patients often disturb abundant leucorrhoea, sometimes purulent nature.

When gonorrheal infection of Bartholin's gland is localized in the large vestibule, there is a local painful seal on the side of the vagina, as well as swelling and tenderness in the area of ​​the labia majora.bartholinitis Treatment often prompt.

With the rising spread of infection occurs by the clinical picture of endometritis, salpingo-oophoritis, or piosalpingsa pelvioperitonita.They are characterized by high fever, pain in the abdomen, the general deterioration of the patient and inflammatory changes in the blood tests.There are complications such as violation of the Fallopian tubes, the formation of multiple adhesions in the pelvic area, which in turn leads to infertility.If left untreated, may develop gonococcal sepsis.

Neonates with gonorrhea infection often occurs a specific eye disease - ophthalmia.

Diagnosis of gonorrhea in women

golden standard of diagnosis of this disease is the culture method - crop discharge from the genital tract for special environment and cultivating colonies of the pathogen.In the case of gonorrhea detection of colonies is determined by its sensitivity to antibiotics and to select the optimal drug for the treatment.

also often used microscopic examination of mucus from the cervical canal.This method is used widely, because of its simplicity and low cost.But the diagnosis made on the basis of a smear is required to be confirmed by culture method.

In addition, to confirm the presence of the causative agent of gonorrhea in women can be by PCR and ELISA, but such a diagnosis is not practical because of its high cost.

gonorrhea treatment in women

gonorrhea treatment to date is not difficult.To do this, apply antibacterial preparations.But this treatment should never be administered blindly, because of the frequent use of antibiotics in bacteria occurs most resistance to them.Therefore, prescribe medication only after the culture susceptibility to various antibiotics.

Undoubtedly, gonorrhea now occurs much less frequently than in the past two centuries.And we owe this not only antibiotics but also the active prevention of the infection.But it's not to drop it from the stands accounts.After all, 75-90% of gonococcal infection, especially in women who are asymptomatic and only manifested complications and long-term consequences.At the same time, a survey on the presence of this infection is quite inexpensive, and in the antenatal clinic and even free of charge.So much better than today to ensure the absence of this infection than six months to deal with chronic gonorrhea.

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