Strabismus in Children

Strabismus in Children
Parents do not always agree to conduct child with strabismus, a doctor.And for good reason.What is not being treated as a child, it is very difficult to fix in adults.

Strabismus - a violation of the child's eye position in which their axes do not converge on the subject under consideration.It is manifested eye deviation to the temple (exotropia) or nose (convergent).The disease can be congenital or acquired in early childhood.

Strabismus in children: treatment should

Unfortunately, even in the modern world, some parents do not consider it necessary to contact a doctor if your child has a squint ....The motivation here is one, why do we need the treatment, unpleasant procedure or, horror of horrors, the operation.Well, I squint a little, it is still the most beautiful and the best.

In fact, this position is very selfish.Few of the kids will be happy to know that my mother did not want to treat this unpleasant aesthetic defect.In adolescence, strabismus and all forms complexes.But this is not the m

ost important thing!It is important to understand that strabismus - not an aesthetic problem, but a disease that leads to loss of vision and impaired ability to perceive volume.


strabismus Strabismus - a violation of the child's eye position in which their axes do not converge on the subject under consideration.

It is manifested eye deviation to the temple (exotropia), or to the nose - convergent.

disease can be congenital or acquired in early childhood.

Causes of strabismus in children

squint many reasons:

1. weakness of the eye muscles.

2. not correctable vision problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.

3. astigmatism, that is a violation of the object image focus on the retina, as a result of which the child sees everything in a distorted form.

4. pathology of pregnancy.

5. genetic predisposition.

7. neurological disease in the child, as well as stress and psychological trauma.

But whatever the reason, the eyes require treatment.Moreover, as soon as possible.According to ophthalmologists, strabismus better be corrected, the younger the patient.

The special clinic doctor will conduct a series of studies, establishing the cause, type and degree of strabismus.And already on the basis of these data, select the appropriate treatment.

strabismus treatment in children

Treatment of strabismus is performed in two directions: conservative and surgical.

conservative treatment task - to increase visual acuity by correcting myopia and hyperopia (glasses or lenses)

Many ophthalmologists believe an effective method of occlusion.To do this on a daily basis at a specially calculated physician time child wear a bandage on the eye healthy.This allows the weaker, "mowing" eye to train and strengthen the muscles.

Also, there are special devices and a set of exercises for the eyes, stimulating the visual process.

Unfortunately, most cases of strabismus require surgical intervention.

Do not think that the disease is "izrastetsya" or baby will get used to it!This is a gross mistake and delay complicates further treatment.For normal school performance and self-esteem your child needs healthy eyes!

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