What is a skin eczema

What is a skin eczema
Eczema: what kinds of skin diseases are and how to manifest.

eczema - a skin disease characterized by a variety of rashes in the form of bubbles, severe itching and acute skin inflammation.Small blisters filled with fluid, easily opened, for the disease got its name, going back to the ancient Greek "boils".

Causes Eczema Skin

Eczema - a disease of unfortunate circumstances, such as a weak immune system, genetic predisposition, susceptibility to allergies, vegetative-vascular disorders, bacterial infection and the weight of a variety of factors, each of which may be a "trigger"to launch a cascade of immune responses directed against the organism itself.Relapse (recurrent disease), skin eczema is possible even under heavy stress.

Symptoms of eczema

Among the most "popular" varieties of skin eczema doctors distinguish true (idiopathic, ie, of unknown origin), eczema, seborrheic and microbial.

If true eczema tiny bubbles form quickly opened and moist mikroerozii - superficial skin injury, d

ermatologists have received the name "serous wells."They dry up to form crusts or start to peel off.If the disease becomes chronic, smoldering stage, the affected area may gradually grow, but some pockets of alternate with with healthy skin ( "Archipelago").Constant itching, pester the patient increases.

variation of true eczema is its disgidroticheskaya form : a dense upper layers of the skin of the palms and soles are formed bubbles like grains of rice.Dries bubbles form a yellow crust or erosion.Disgidroticheskaya form differs persistence in choosing the places of defeat, severe itching and burning.

causative microbial eczema are specific microorganisms .Lesions are formed on the legs, in the folds of the skin on the head under the hair and around the trophic ulcers, wounds or fistulas (paratravmaticheskaya eczema).As one of the possible causes of the variety of eczema called peripheral nerve damage.At the initial stage of microbial eczema hotbeds boundaries are clearly delineated rim of peeling skin.Oozing lesions bleed or podsyhaya, quickly covered with purulent bloody crust.If they have a regular rounded shape, such a variant of the disease called nummular (nummulyarnoy) eczema.

When seborrheic eczema affected scalp under the hair, most often -this ears and in the neck.When drying of the centers of formation of yellowish crusts or dirty-gray color.Often foci detected Pityrosporum ovale - a fungus that lives on normal healthy skin, but too rapid reproduction leads to dandruff.


eczema Eczema is so diverse in its manifestations, there is a risk of confusing it with another, equally mysterious disease - atopic dermatitis.Other possible diseases with similar symptoms - palmoplantar psoriasis, pustular bakteridov (Andrews syndrome), certain types of tinea (fungal skin disease) such as, athlete's foot, rubromikoz etc.

conclusion is the same: to diagnose skin and eczema treatment requires inspection appointment dermatologist.Perhaps also need to conduct additional studies of the skin, which the doctor will take a small scraping of a lesion.

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