The Truth About Liposuction

The Truth About Liposuction
truth about liposuction.What women need to know about how to remove fat.

Liposuction - removal of subcutaneous fat deposits to improve body contours.The substrate is removed from the fat cells of a vacuum pump, which is reflected in the title of the procedure ( "lipo" - fat "saktsio" - suck).Therefore, the term "liposuction" applies only to the vacuum method, and appeared in the recent combination of "non-surgical liposuction" totally incorrect.


liposuction Liposuction - one of the most popular plastic surgery.The popularity is due both to the spread of obesity in developed countries, and with the appeal procedure for patients.For ordinary people it seems low-impact operation, as performed through punctures, without leaving large scars.The intervention is carried out only in the subcutaneous layer, therefore, does not require a long preoperative preparation.Adipose tissue is removed in one stage, without prolonged starvation and physical exhaustion in the gym.This rosy picture is usually

drawn to the eye of customers plastic surgery clinics.

In fact, all somewhat different

-steel needle tube (cannula) is introduced into the subcutaneous fat layer through very small incisions, rather than punctures.This is due to the diameter of the cannula: through a small diameter cannula substrate fat simply does not extract.Therefore scars about 1 cm long are inevitable, often - multiple, liposuction when exposed to multiple zones.

to fat tissue it easier to evacuate the pump in her pre-pumped liters of a special mixture of saline and anesthetic.This giant subcutaneous injection risk of developing toxic shock.Therefore, in a single procedure does not try to perform liposuction of more than a certain volume.Moreover, even after such a pump is necessary to grind the adipose tissue.This is done by translational movement of the cannula under the skin.At the same time the structure of subcutaneous fat are destroyed nerve endings and a lot of blood vessels, blood and lymph.

Given the area of ​​the fracture under the skin, the injury turns out very extensive.Between the skin and underlying tissues forms a cavity that can quickly fill up with blood.In order to avoid the development of the giant postoperative hematoma and subsequent infection after liposuction compression garment is strictly necessary.Few women know that after the "trifling" liposuction wearing compression underwear takes 1 to 2 months until the lymph and blood flow is restored.And, of course, pass this period, under the guise of antibiotics.


In recent years began to appear ostensibly revolutionary liposuction technique using lipolazera or low-frequency ultrasound, but no additional emitters on the cannula procedure is carried out completely in the old way: vacuum aspirator and through mini-incisions.Although there is a completely non-surgical ultrasound techniques, liposuction but they do not have a relationship, and their effectiveness is still highly questionable.

destruction of large amounts of adipose tissue at the same time with the blood vessels is fraught with the most dangerous complication - fat embolism.lipid substrate particles can get into the bloodstream and cause a blockage (embolism), brain vessels, kidneys and lungs.The destruction of the subcutaneous layer in the late postoperative period may provoke the development of subcutaneous fibrosis with formation of irregularities and seals.Do not be amiss to add that liposuction does not eliminate the symptoms of fibrous lipodystrophy, which many women called the old cellulite.

surgical techniques are constantly being improved, suggests ways to reduce the trauma, but the risk of fat embolism remains.And it will remain until the fat tissue evacuated so indelicate manner.

personal enemies

Most women, inspired by the promise of surgeons, forget not only about the possible operating and postoperative risks.Women used to think fat is his personal enemy, not thinking that it is a protective layer, as well as a sign of good estrogen background.Women should remember that it hated fat makes the outlines of figures rounded and smooth, and so feminine.

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