Methods Kovalkova Alexis "Lose Weight with the mind " : the principle of action

Methods Kovalkova Alexis "Lose Weight with the mind " : the principle of action
Technique "Lose Weight with the mind", designed by the famous nutritionist Alexei Kovalkova, though it is considered strong, it has many followers.Diet is attractive for its simplicity and the fact that the lost weight does not come back, if you follow the recommendations of the author in terms of the correct menu and a healthy lifestyle.

creating a power system, a nutritionist Alex Kovalkov relied not only on the latest research in the field of nutrition, endocrinology, pharmacology, but also on their own experience.

Due to their diet for six months, he was able to get rid of 50 kg and then bring this figure up to 70!It is a good example of how effective new technique, nutritionist decided to share it with all who wish to lose weight, and wrote the book "The technique of Dr. Kovalkova.Victory over weight. "

The next step was the publication of the new work "Lose Weight with the mind!Dr. Kovalkova Methodology ", which in concentrated form outlined the basic principles of a comprehensive weight loss


Technique Alexei Kovalkova: Fundamentals

developing the technique, nutritionist sought to avoid the mistakes many authors of non-diet.In addition, he set out to convey to potential supporters of their methods of its essence with maximum ease and very comfortable to do the diet for humans.

achieve this Kovalkova managed by diet instructions step by step, each step techniques from a nutritionist is supported by scientific studies, examples from his own medical practice and cognitive health facts.

success techniques "Lose Weight with the mind" provide:

  • competently composed a low-calorie diet with a separate power supply except fasting;
  • complex of simple physical exercises;
  • medication support the body in the process of weight loss;
  • psychological mood and the right motivation for the fight against obesity;
  • tips for maintaining optimal weight and well being for a long time.

Principle of operation techniques Kovalkova

Why do I want to lose weight?This question, says nutritionist Kovalkov should ask ourselves every person who took the decision to leave with being overweight.The correct answer to it is a large proportion of the success of the upcoming fight with overweight.

daily routine. Slimming wisely assumes full sleep at least eight hours per day, which will be the source of vigorous mood and the stock of physical strength.

As for the meal plan, the nutritionist recommends in any case do not go hungry, and eat at least 5-6 times a day, sufficient portions.Tellingly, the categorical prohibition on eating after six o'clock in the method Kovalkova absent.Accelerated fat burning promote daily exercise: the first phase of the diet, aerobic, and the second supplemented by strength training.

balanced diet. The diet Kovalkova pays great importance to the correct combination of proteins in the menu, fats and carbohydrates.Proteins required by the body as an indispensable building material should flow in a daily amount of at least 70 g. protein food according to the diet should be in the majority of plant and animal no.In addition, separate food eliminates the combination in one dish, and concomitant use of protein and carbohydrate products.

Simple carbohydrates in the diet Kovalkova fall under the categorical prohibition.Occasionally treat yourself to a sweet or flour is permitted only during the final stage when the desired weight has been achieved.Replenish energy costs recommended porridges from various grains and cereals, except milled rice and semolina, bran bread, a variety of fruits, on top of which Alexey Kovalkov puts apples and grapefruits.

source of fats are vegetable oils in the diet, nuts, such as pine, fish rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, dairy products.

Prohibited products

  • sweets: pastries, sugar, jam, chocolate, candy, honey;
  • bakery products from flour, baking;
  • pasta;
  • vegetables with a high content of starch potatoes, corn, cooked carrots, beets;
  • white rice, semolina;
  • alcohol;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • meat and fish with a high fat content.

Stages procedure "Lose Weight with the mind»

  1. first stage is to prepare the body to a new diet for him.For 14-20 days, a sharp restriction of carbohydrate, arriving with food, and parallel to the natural cleansing of the bowel.The menu is dominated by fiber, vegetables, fruits and herbs, as well as plant proteins instead of animal fats.In order to accelerate the burning of fat, nutritionist recommends Kovalkov make daily walks, gradually bringing their duration to an hour.It is also a prerequisite preparatory period becomes an increase in fluid intake and reducing the amount of salt in the daily menu.Together, these factors help to get rid of up to 5 kg of excess weight.
  2. second stage necessary in order to bring the weight to the normal physiological range, which is individual for each person, so the length of the period may vary.Menu of the second phase is made so as to prevent starvation, but at the same time provide the body with useful and natural products, mainly of plant origin.Animal protein is represented by lean poultry, beef, rabbit meat and complex carbohydrates come from cereals from cereals with low glycemic index.Aerobic exercise added power loads.
  3. third and final stage nutritionist Kovalkova techniques aimed at maintaining the achieved results within two to three years.Diet and physical activity of the second phase continue to form the basis of weight-loss method.The organism to adapt to a healthy diet, low-calorie menus easily perceived with minor restrictions of hazardous products, even for a long time.No discomfort people with no experience, and dumped kgs will not be returned back.

main factors "weight loss with the mind»

  1. Pure water (up to eight glasses a day)
  2. Exercise (hour walking or jogging)
  3. Fiber (daily dose of bran - 100 g)
  4. Fruits &vegetables (lead apples, grapefruit, broccoli)
  5. low-calorie diet on the basis of a separate food.

Medicine to help losing weight

Before recommending anyone to experience the technique of his, Alex Kovalkov urges undergo a medical examination to identify potential acute or chronic diseases, and not to start losing weight, without first talking to your doctor.

During dieting also recommended to take vitamin and mineral complexes and, moreover, to include in the daily diet of sports nutrition products: cocktail "protein isolate" and L-carnitine.

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