A new era of dentistry

replaced by prosthetics comes implantation.

about current events in the world of dentistry in an interview VitaPortal.ru Olesova said Valentine, MD,

president of the Russian Association of Dental Implantology (RAST), deputy chairman of the relevant committee for dentistry Health Ministry of Russia, the chief dentist of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA of Russia).


for dental forum

MosExpoDental, which was held from 16 to 19 November

in the central exhibition hall of Gostiny Dvor, for the third time organized by the Congress of Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology.What struck reports this year?

- this year were actively discussed new technologies bone grafting during implantation.With long-standing tooth extraction, bone tissue after injury gradually disappear from the area in which it would be, we need to establish the implants.For building used as the body's own tissue and artificial tissue.

were reports on new directions for soft-tissue plasty.It is used in cases wher

e you need to create a crown around the natural contour of the gums.

talked about using computer planning in the selection of implant size and implant in the jaw.There are special programs that are running on a standard PC, which allow you to restore the volume kind of jaw, jaw look inside and out in different sections.As a result, the physician can accurately select the right implant, and it does not choose at their own discretion.

implantation method in a more simple options presented in the majority of clinics of Moscow, stood transplantation in a number of other types of prosthesis, removable prosthesis replacing.

- Maybe in the future removable prosthesis generally cease to apply?

- always comes back to the economic circumstances of living of pensioners, for these implants is expensive.And not all of them are suitable for implantation, there are certain contraindications associated with the general state of the organism.For example, patients with diabetes complications after implantation are more common they, though not grand, but there may be.Therefore dentures in their own good.

- Rejection of the implant is possible?

- There are international performance criteria implants them in no rejection for 10 years and should not be.It is assumed that gingival inflammation can occur around the implant, but only due to poor hygiene.It is easily docked.

Very rarely can develop implant osseointegration.And then he just removed without any problems.In fact any serious complications implantation can not be held.

- What are the trends in general dentistry still remain?

- The first - a huge prevalence of caries and periodontal disease.This is due to the lack of motivation of patients to maintain oral health.Today there is a wide range of toothpastes, mouth rinses with a special preventive effect, there is a possibility to carry out a professional oral hygiene.We need only a desire to take advantage of all of these.I bow to you that the problem of the spread of tooth decay is largely due to poor oral care, with microbial agents in the mouth and delayed treatment to the doctor.

- dental problems begin in childhood.How to solve this problem?

- It is necessary that the state intervene more actively, to create programs in schools, kindergartens.In some regions of Russia, this problem is solved well, somewhere - not so.This work was well organized even before the restructuring, but due to the political changes it has ceased to be conducted in the proper amount and with proper quality.Now baby prevention is gaining momentum, but still remains a problem sector.

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