meningeal arthritis

Meningeal arthritis - acute bacterial arthritis, caused by Neisseria (Neisseria meningitidis and Neisseria catarrhalis).As a rule, it is a complication of epidemic meningitis, often proceeding with the development of sepsis.

most frequently meningeal meet arthritis in young children.His symptoms began to develop the first and second day of the disease, at least - to the sixth-seventh day.Suffer one or more joints, arthralgia may be of the migratory character.The joints are swollen, painful, bloodshot, the temperature is increased above them.

Occurrence of hemorrhagic rash, and in severe forms of the disease, even intra-articular bleeding (hemarthrosis), and periarticular bleeding from the skin rash on the background of the phenomena of infectious-toxic shock.

development of infectious-toxic shock due to the presence in the blood of a large number of tissue enzymes, bacteria, debris and the release of their enzymes in the blood, which leads to disruption of blood clotting and exacerbates the conditio

n of patients.

disease Current

If treatment is initiated in a timely manner and the intensive antibiotic therapy, polyarthritis quickly passes without any residual effects.However, in some patients, arthritis combined with inflammation adjacent to the joint, ligaments, tendons and surrounding tissues and periarticular bags by type tenosynovitis and bursitis in the feet and hands.

In severe disease, as well as late begun treatment in patients may develop suppurative arthritis, which is accompanied by severe pain and other symptoms of inflammation, but with intensive treatment gives fast inverse dynamics.

In some cases, meningeal arthritis can not develop in the early days of the disease, and in the period of recovery is already beginning.In recent years, noted the development of acute arthritis with no other clear evidence of meningeal infection.

Diagnostics meningeal arthritis

Diagnosis includes a series of tests carried out in any of meningeal infections:

  • complete blood count;
  • nasopharyngeal swab for bacteriological examination;
  • serology;
  • lumbar puncture with cerebrospinal fluid examination (cerebrospinal fluid).

To clarify the status of the joints is carried out such studies:

  • ultrasound of joints and para-articular tissues;
  • magnetic resonance imaging of the joints;
  • joint puncture with aspiration of synovial fluid and its subsequent biochemical, cytological and serological studies.

arthritis Treatment of meningeal

treated only in a hospital:

  • antibiotic therapy;
  • removal of pain;
  • anti-inflammatory therapy;
  • withdrawal symptoms of intoxication;
  • symptomatic therapy.

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