The defeat of the joints in Behçet's disease

Half of patients with Behcet's disease there is a joint disease, occurring in the form of arthritis and synovitis.

Behcet's disease - relapsing disease characterized by a complex of three mandatory signs, which are always present, as well as a number of additional features, which may vary according to the degree of its severity or absent.

main symptoms of Behcet's disease

Triad main symptoms was first described by Behçet Turkish doctor in 1937:

  • ulcer (canker) stomatitis;
  • ulcerous-necrotic lesions of the skin and the mucous membranes of the genital organs;
  • inflammation of the eye (uveitis), which often lead to blindness.

Additional symptoms of Behcet's disease

  • 50% of patients - joint damage as synovitis, arthritis rarely;
  • 70% of patients - cutaneous vasculitis that manifests lesions of the skin and its vascular ulceration and hypersensitivity;
  • 20% of patients - meningoencephalitis, which complicates the course of the disease and often leads to death;
  • occasionally may result in large
    vessels and intestines.

Causes of Behcet's disease

Until now, the disease is largely unexplored, but a role, according to doctors, yet the following reasons played:

  • genetic factors, since most often the disease occurs in certainregions (Japan and eastern countries Sredizemnomomorya), where the incidence of 1: 1000 (US - 1: 500 000);
  • virus included in the cells of patients with ulcers, but the virus has not yet been identified;
  • impaired immunity (antibodies, immunoglobulins).

Features of joint damage with Behcet's disease

  • suffers from no more than three or four joints.
  • defeat of joints lasts no more than four months, but it tends to recur.
  • process develops in the knee, wrist, and ankle joints.
  • changes almost always have the character of synovitis, much less acute arthritis and sacroiliitis (defeat sacroiliac joint), which with adequate treatment in most cases take place without residual changes.

Diagnostics joint lesions

diagnosis is carried out after setting the primary diagnosis and based on the following data:

  • clinical lesions of the joints;
  • computer and / or magnetic resonance imaging;
  • joints ultrasound with color Doppler mapping;
  • biopsy of the synovial membrane with its cytology and analysis of synovial fluid.

Treatment of Behcet's disease

Treatment of Behcet's disease itself is not developed, since it is not known the true nature, so it is symptomatic.Similarly treat and arthropathy.In severe forms of the disease using glucocorticoids, cytotoxic drugs are sometimes prescribed (chlorambucil, cyclophosphamide), colchicine, and conduct prevention of uveitis.

When the remission manifestations arthropathy usually disappear and reappear at the next recurrence.

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