No wonder the goat's milk called " living water "

value of goat milk was recognized various peoples for many centuries.Therefore, goat knowingly live with a man for thousands of years, because the goat was first domesticated animals for milk.In Chinese medicine, goat's milk is generally considered a balm, toning the whole body, especially useful for stomach and lung.

In human history there are many examples where the goats were the breadwinners for human infants.Worldwide goats were extended due to the high content of casein protein in their milk, goat's milk and therefore very close to the composition of human milk.At the use of goat's milk the process of digestion is much easier and faster, while there are no adverse allergic reactions.Especially useful goat's milk to children , because fat goat milk is a fine emulsion, which is more easily digested by enzymes child's pancreas.

goat milk, as well as women, contains large amounts of cellular components, including substances such as nucleotides, polyamines, free amino acids and growth factors.These

biologically active substances perform important physiological functions and influence the maturation of the gastrointestinal tract and immune system of a child. only in goat milk contains the amino acid taurine, which plays an important role in the development of the central nervous system of the child affects the growth of children, is involved in calcium metabolism, is an antioxidant and has immunnoregulyatornymi properties.

in goat milk vitamin A in half, and in some cases twice as much as in the cow.Compared to cow goat more efficiently converts food carotene into vitamin A, which is important for the child's body, because it is not sufficiently adapted to a "processing".Goat's milk is 50% more contains vitamin B1 and 80% - of vitamin B2.Unlike cow milk, which is slightly acidic reaction in goat is distinctly alkaline.In this connection, the milk of goats in the human body can absorb and neutralize more acid without changing its response.It can be used successfully at high acidity of gastric juices, even with gastric ulcer.

certain therapeutic effect from the use of goat's milk and a note with such ailments as eczema, asthma, migraines, colitis, hay fever, the disorder of the digestive tract, liver disease and gall bladder.It helps goat's milk and insomnia, constipation, dyspepsia neurotic.It was found that almost all (99%) of adults and infants, "allergic" to cow's milk tolerate goat.

Swiss added goat's milk in the cow when pass it on dairies.Perhaps that is why so famous for their taste Swiss cheese.This popular product like yogurt, too, has a history of goat's milk.It is from Bulgarian yogurt made from goat's milk, professor Mechnikov allocated laktobatsillin healing.

just milked goat milk has antibacterial properties. It contains biologically active substances which are not present in the cow.Thanks to them a long shelf life milk fresh.It does not sour for three days at room temperature and can be stored in the refrigerator over the week.For the same reason, the most useful fresh goat's milk, and then every hour of his valuable properties are lost.

According to its physical and chemical properties and taste goat's milk compares favorably with cow's milk and other animal species.Compared with cow's, goat's milk contains 6 times the cobalt, which is a part of vitamin B12 (0.1 mg).This vitamin is responsible for the formation of blood and controls the metabolism.It also contains a lot of potassium, which is particularly large role in the cardiovascular system.

Indeed, the goat - this is a real home pharmacy.Not for nothing because of the miraculous properties of goat's milk is called "living water."

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