Fish fish discord

would seem that Russia, which is washed by many seas must be not only a major manufacturer and supplier of fish products, but also, above all, to fill the domestic market with high quality diverse fish and fishery products.In recent years, the Federal Fishery Agency has made in this area considerable efforts and domestic fish, finally found its way onto the shelves.
But until now, mainly fish, which can be purchased in popular retail outlets (trout, carp, salmon, etc.), grown abroad in vitro with the use of artificial feeds and fertilizing to accelerate growth, besides athuge concentration of fish.

Even if the fish are bred in a specially fenced enclosures located on the seashore, it is still the fish, in fact, life-threatening - place of cultivation of fish are not changed for decades, and the field of commercial fish farming at the bottom of accumulated heavy metals, resulting inthe final product exceeded the maximum allowable concentrations of heavy metals.

What caused this?At the bottom, in places

of mass fish breeding, fish accumulates feces (and if the fish is bred in the same place for decades, and the amount of such waste will be very significant).The body underwater inhabitants have a high metabolism and removes excess salt in the form of waste.However, significant concentrations of heavy metals contained in the field of long-term mass-rearing of fish leads to the fact that the body of marine life can not withdraw salt in such quantities.But all this is on the table of consumers.

Nutritionists believe that the food can be consumed only fish obtained from ryboferm , which change their position every three years.If set, obtained from one or another fish, it is impossible, experts advise to either opt out of the use of such fish or to use it in minimal quantities.A fish farm in South-East Asia, is grown almost unfit for cultivation conditions, in violation of the set sanitary standards both in number of fish per unit of volume of water, so for feed, and so on.Nevertheless, and in such a fed fish on the shelves of local stores.

Fish, which is offered in the "Ekoklastere", bred in an ecologically clean area Verhneruzskogo reservoir.Such fish fed only natural feed. Now "Ekoklaster" offers two varieties of fish - a perch and pike. Meat walleye - a dietary product with minimal fat, high in protein, amino acids and a variety of minerals.Pike - whimsical fish lives only in clean waters with high oxygen content.Meat pike also low-fat and rich in protein, this fish is very popular in cooking.Especially useful pike fresh meat, not the elapsed freezing."Ekoklaster" offers just chilled fish, includingcarp and tench with ekofermy "Konovalovo" grown under natural conditions without the use of artificial additives and feed.

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