The benefits of rabbit meat

Rabbit globally recognized as the most dietary meat.Compared with other kinds of meat it contains a maximum amount of protein - 21% fat, and minimum - 15%.In addition, the product has a hypoallergenic properties and is fit even for toddlers diet.
According to the content of vitamins and minerals rabbit ahead of all other types of meat.It is vitamin C, B vitamins, niacin.Because minerals are phosphorus, iron, cobalt, manganese, fluoride, potassium.

Since rabbit meat contains a small amount of sodium, it is ideal for the diet, due to its low calorie content.Continuous or frequent consumption of rabbit meat dishes helps to normalize the metabolism of proteins and fats in the body.

Rabbit meat contains a lot of lecithin and little cholesterol, which is an excellent prevention of arteriosclerosis.

interesting fact, inherent only rabbit meat, is that the body of the rabbit to seven months of age does not take strontium-90.It is a decay product of herbicides and pesticides in which the field is treated to o

btain a high yield and protect plants from all sorts of diseases and fungi.Rabbit meat is useful to use for people, treating cancer because it is able to reduce the dose of radiation received.

Rabbit - good food for the brain and spinal cord, it contains vitamin B12, improves the synthesis of DNA and myelin, the meat - an excellent antioxidant.As an antioxidant, rabbit meat keeps skin and mucous membranes in good condition.The rabbit meat contains phosphorus, which is part of the human skeleton.rabbit liver - useful products for people with serious illnesses.

So these are the main advantages of the rabbit:

  • does not contain cholesterol, herbicides, pesticides, traces of drugs and other chemicals, heavy metals;
  • unlike industrial rabbit breeding, which is grown in rabbits using gormonosoderzhaschih stimulants and chemical feeds, we guarantee that "Ekoklastera" partners grow rabbits on environmentally friendly feeds, without additives, stimulants and other antibiotics;
  • Protein Content in the rabbit than in lamb, pork, beef and veal, and fat percentage is the same as in beef.That is, with a minimum of fat, it is rich in protein;
  • rich in vitamin composition: C-ascorbic acid, PP nikotinoamid, B12, cobalamin, B6, pyridoxine.Good phosphorus, iron, cobalt, as well as potassium, manganese and fluorine;
  • due to its composition, can output radionuclides from the human body;
  • rabbit meat is very well absorbed by the body (90%), while beef digested by 60%;
  • rabbit meat allergies are advised to eat, because it is less than in other types of meat, allergens.Plus, it is perfectly regulates the level of glucose in the blood.
  • rabbit fat even curative, it is used as a remedy.Bronchitis it is taken orally, with a strong cough rubbing their breasts, rubbed into the skin with a skin of hands desensitization.Inner rabbit fat - is a bioactive substance having an anti-allergic properties.It is used as a basis for the production of cosmetics and for the treatment of wounds.

Given vysoskuyu biologichekuyu value, rabbit meat - the best choice for children and people who are prone to food allergies, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract, disruption of lipid metabolism, diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis.

From such a low-calorie meat you do not get better and get a lot of use, so head to the store and choose the most fresh rabbit - an odorless, dry, pale pink color (without bruises and bruises!).And pay attention to the carcass: that buyer is not confused valuable meat rabbit, producers leave skin on legs.

age, rabbit change the chemical composition of its meat.The older he gets, the meat is preserved less fluid, and the amount of protein and fat increased, and therefore increases the energy value of the product.Just change amino acid composition and increases the amount of histidine, tryptophan, aspartic acid, phenylalanine, tyrosine, and reduces the amount of leucine, arginine, alanine, glycine, proline.For the most suitable diet rabbit meat is three, since the rabbit growth in muscle tissue increases the fat content, which reduces its nutritional properties.

If you enter into a regular diet of rabbit food, the regular use of it will provide you with support normal metabolism and the correct balance between the two.

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