Pumpkin - the queen of vegetables

So far there is no consensus about the origin of the pumpkin.Some scientists believe that the pumpkin was home to America, others that it is imported from China, where it was cultivated in the imperial court.

Residents of many countries compete each year, who will grow the biggest pumpkin, zucchini longest, most striped zucchini, squash is the most beautiful.Since the end of the XIX century in Paris there is a contest for the biggest fruit.First, the first place is a pumpkin, weighing several dozen kilograms.Then it becomes the norm pumpkin weighing hundredweight.Recently, a new European record set the British, by growing a pumpkin weighing 415 kilograms.However, the world record pumpkin belongs to the US - 635 pounds!

Who has not sang this wonderful vegetable!And, of course, today every child knows that only from pumpkin obtained the most wonderful magic coach in the world.

And in North China in daily life is very popular calabash, which is considered a symbol of prosperity.It is not only the food,

but also the material for the liquid storage vessels, bowls and plates.Traditionally, in the vessels of small pumpkins, gorlyanok store medicines.

Pumpkin rightly be called the queen of the vegetable state, because it is very tasty and healthy vegetable that contains a large amount of carotene and vitamins.In the pulp of pumpkin contains a lot of value to the child's body of vitamin D, which strengthens livelihoods and accelerates the growth of children.Fiber of this vegetable is easily digestible even weakened body, which is why pumpkin dishes are recommended for therapeutic and preventive nutrition.As in a pumpkin a lot of salts of copper, iron and phosphorus, which positively influence the process of hematopoiesis in the body, it is recommended to use both anemia and prevention of atherosclerosis.

If we talk about the benefits of pumpkin, it is simply the queen for their unique properties.For example, with regard to the content of vitamins in pumpkin - carotene in it than in carrots, five times!And the content of iron she keeps until now no one had beaten the record, and therefore it is prescribed to patients anemia.Pectin is a vegetable in so much that it just need to eat all those who decided to get rid of toxins - toxins and cholesterol.

In folk medicine successfully used the juice of pumpkin - as a diuretic to remove salts and eliminate constipation, inflammatory processes of urogenital system and nervous disorders.And how wonderful pumpkin acts on metabolism in diet for weight loss!In order to improve the general condition of the body healers recommend before going to bed to take a glass of juice from the pumpkin or pumpkin broth with honey.Pregnant women suffering from toxemia, the juice from the pumpkin will also buoyant.

And the seeds of pumpkin - it is a special subject.Of them make oil - one of the richest in their composition vegetable oils.That is why in many Western European countries use it in salads, pumpkin seed oil, and not some other.So, enough in the morning to eat 20-30 pumpkin seeds, for many years to forget about prostatitis.With the help of a decoction of pumpkin seeds and pulp from the seeds pounded with honey humanity for a long time and effectively combats worms.People are also suffering from acne, seborrhea and oily dandruff pumpkin seeds to eat handfuls shown - use and fun guaranteed!This property is defined pumpkins are high in zinc in it.

Another pumpkin has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.Due to the high content of vitamin rare T pumpkin can rightly be called the best garnish for dishes of beef, pork and other fatty savory food, as this vitamin promotes the absorption of a heavy meal and prevents obesity.And for a snack: it is known that pumpkin in any form of its use to help men to feel like heroes in erotic games.Pumpkin dishes are desirable to use those who have suffered the disease to hepatitis A, due to the fact that biologically active substances contained in crumb contribute to resumption of the activity of antioxidant function of the liver.

Using pumpkin dishes for a long time can achieve removal of excess fluids from the body.To this end, the pumpkin diet against cardiac and renal edema for 3-4 months in a raw form of 0,5 kg per day and boiled or baked at 1.5 kg a day appointed by such famous Russian therapist as an SSZimnitsky.

In India, pumpkin is used to treat tuberculosis.It is proved that the aqueous extract of the fruit of this vegetable in a dilution of 1: 10000 prevents tubercle bacillus reproduction.

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