Painful points on the human body : facts and myths

Painful points on the human body : facts and myths
Different parts of the body are not equally sensitive to pain - there is so-called pressure points, press on that very painful, and skilful of the appropriate intensity can lead to pain shock and temporary incapacity, so painful points on the human body are well known to those whostudying martial arts and learn the basics of self-defense.

However, each person must have the necessary information on pressure points - the most vulnerable areas on your body.If not for the attack, for their own protection that knowledge can be very useful.

Painful points on the human body is - it is a fact

The fact that there are on the human body are hypersensitive to the place of pain - a fact that does not need to prove.Many people are faced with intentional or unintentional exposure to these areas - as a result of an incredible feeling remained firmly in mind.

to painful points on the human body are primarily:

  • eyes - soft target that does not require special physical effort strike the eye causes the recoil makes
  • nose - blow causes extreme pain, causing bleeding, nose, easy to break;
  • neck, throat, his Adam's apple - hit extremely painful, fraught with difficulty breathing;too much exposure in the neck can cause death;
  • solar plexus - a place above the diaphragm;punch or kick can cause a temporary stop breathing, immobilize;this place is vulnerable, especially in the absence of strong muscles of the abdominal wall;
  • groin - a very sensitive place, especially in men;impact can be of moderate strength, but due to the paralyzing effect of pain is provided;
  • knee patella - alas, even a gentle blow, applied from the top down, this fragile part of the legs can break, causing severe pain.

These pressure points on the human body sufficiently available, blows on them do not require high accuracy, so if you need to get to these places (or protect them from exposure to other people's) easy.

There vulnerable areas smaller and much less available, that without getting into some training difficult.

These pressure points on the human body tightly surrounded by muscle, are more difficult to "find" and give them the desired physical impact forces:

  • space for the ears - pressing causes a sharp pain;
  • ear - very unpleasant pulling it back;
  • ligaments of the lower jaw - the impact effectively, if you can put pressure on their thumbs;
  • carotid artery - for it is very painful blows;
  • supraclavicular and subclavian cavity, cleft between the clavicle;
  • elbow edge - as if lightning penetrates when it hits the spot on a hard sharp object;
  • kidney, liver, - painful and dangerous to get hit on these important bodies.

a dozen pain points on the human body belong to those to whom it is not so easy to get, but the defeat of which is very significant impact on the state of health and ability to resist.

Myths about pressure points

occurs and that information about vulnerabilities and a different impact on them, which is not true, but it is widely perceived as true.

most common misconceptions:

  • enough not particularly aiming, hit in the painful area - and at the time of the enemy, you can forget (it happens that luck, of course, but in most cases, for maximum efficiency you need to know where it is, howpower and at what angle should strike);
  • there is a certain point on the neck, clicking on which you can fully bring people down (acting on the neck, can really cause a lot of pain, but did not get rid of the enemy at the touch of a finger);
  • effect on pain points - nose - could lead to the fact that the cartilage will enter the brain and damage it (in the first place, we need to do would be a gigantic force, and secondly, it is anatomically impossible);
  • legendary technique using "deathtouch" You can kill with one blow (this technique is well shown in action movies with Bruce Lee, but in reality these miracles no confirmation).

According to one theory, the weak points in the human body is more or less vulnerable at different times, depending on the "ebb and tide energy."

This so-called "art poisonous hands" when, during the "tide of energy" as possible, by acting on a specific location, to send a man into another world, and better attributed to the legend.

In fact, "poison hand" - this is the hand of a trained and skilled in conjunction with a scientific theoretical background, and nothing more.Protect your pain points or, if necessary, act on the vulnerable places of the enemy is in possession of reliable information.

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