Scientists have proposed radically change the approach to the classification of types of cancer

Scientists have proposed radically change the approach to the classification of types of cancer
According to new research, for 1 of 10 patients a type of cancer can be classified differently, and treatment, respectively, may be different.

New research conducted in cooperation of various American research laboratories, suggests that a tenth of all cancer patients, the diagnosis could be put more precisely, if the disease is classified in a different way: not on the basis of tissue forming a tumor, and from the celland molecular criteria.This updated information could lead to more appropriate treatment.

These data and conclusions, published in the journal Cell, based on the most extensive to date, the work carried out in this area.The researchers analyzed the molecular and genetic characteristics of more than 3,500 tumor samples for 12 different types of cancer.

Traditionally, cancer is determined by the tissue from which it was formed, for example, breast cancer, liver or spleen.However, since the fabric are constructed of different types of cells, it appeared that in many cases the type of cel

ls affected with cancer is much more indicative of when selecting treatment strategies.

¬ęThis genomic research not only challenges the existing cancer classification system, but also provides a rich source of data for further work, as, indeed, and a comprehensive list of the molecular characteristics of the newly described types of cancer," - says one of the authors, Professor Christopher Benz.

In particular, the most impressive were the results regarding breast cancer and bladder.In the latter, for example, the case was found at least three types of cancer cells: some are virtually indistinguishable from adenocarcinomas of lung cells, much like other flat cells developing cancer of the head, neck and lungs.

This finding would explain why a patient with one and the same, as previously thought, according to type of cancer respond differently to the treatment prescribed.Moreover, as noted by Dr. Benz, with further study, samples of cancerous tissue more patients will be entitled to reclassification.

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