Dentists can not decide how best to brush teeth

Dentists can not decide how best to brush teeth
In the new study, University College London said on advice given by the manufacturers of toothpaste and dental professionals, the following: unacceptably inconsistent.

In a study published in the British Dental Journal, the recommendations have been studied for cleaning teeth given by dental associations, books and toothpaste manufacturers from 10 countries, about which way to brush your teeth, how long and how often.

Scientists have found some consensus among experts, and furthermore, found clear differences between the Dental Association and textbooks.

¬ęPeople need clear information on how best to brush your teeth, - says the lead author of the publication, Professor Aubrey Sheyam.- It is no wonder that people are confused when they hear one of the dental associations of other manufacturers and that any third from his dentist. "

Most often you can find recommendations to use a soft brush swinging back and forth for a "shake-out" food particles, bacteria and plaque, but the scientific evidence tha

t this method is the best, no.

Sheyam Professor advises the usual cleaning in the horizontal direction.Brush it should be held at an angle of about 45 degrees to remove plaque.To avoid too much pressure onto the bristles, it is better to keep the brush as well as a pencil and do not compress in a fist.

According to her, there is only a nuance regarding tooth brushing after sweet foods and drinks: the bacteria contained in food, it takes about a couple of minutes to start to produce acid, so if you brush your teeth in a few minutes after chewing something sweet, you candamage the enamel.

other professionals participated in the study, dentist John Wainwright, believes there is no better way than a simple cleaning and careful attention to those areas where there is usually accumulated plaque, for example, in areas of the teeth and gums connection.

Dr. Wainwright said that the necessary information about what kind of a way, easy to use and safe, provides the greatest efficiency, "For what the majority of people engaged in 2 times a day, you can expect from the dentist a clear and unequivocal answer to the questionpatients exactly how they brush their teeth. "

Source: Daily Mail

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