The epidemic of Ebola recognized health threat of international importance

The epidemic of Ebola recognized health threat of international importance
As a result of the two-day meeting of the WHO's emergency committee announced on Friday that "the outbreak of fever in West Africa is an extraordinary event and poses a threat to public health of other countries," Itar-Tass quoted the head of the WHO Margaret Chan.

Although WHO experts and suggest that we should not impose general restrictions on trade and travel, but nevertheless offer a number of recommendations, including in particular mandatory testing for all people, leaving pockets of spread of the virus, a ban on the remains of the carriage of the deadacross borders and carrying out the burial of bodies only under the supervision of trained personnel.

In conclusion, the WHO also referred to the strong possibility of international spread of disease, especially given the high virulence of the virus, how it is transmitted in close interaction and weak health systems in countries that have become centers of infection.

countries having common borders with those which are now common fever, it is re

commended to install the epidemic surveillance.

If you go back to the current prevalence of fever outside of West Africa today: the suspicion of being infected with Ebola virus arrived in Germany a man is not confirmed;transported to Spain two cases of citizens of this country for medical treatment;in US hospitals are also two previously infected African Americans;alleged case of infection in Saudi Arabia was not confirmed, reports "Echo of Moscow".

Edition BBC, meanwhile, has published data about the possibilities of treatment of Ebola: registered drug does not exist, patients injected antibiotics and solutions that prevent dehydration.strict epidemiological surveillance and rapid burial of the dead bodies is required to prevent proliferation.

The three main types of treatment experimental declared: Zmapp, developed by American scientists and a mixture of monoclonal antibodies;developed by the Canadian company Tekmira Pharmaceuticals medicine, acting on the genetic material of the virus and already tested in healthy volunteers on the degree of security, and a similar remedy for the American company Sarepta Therapeutics, is also proven on healthy people.

on materials of ITAR-TASS, The Guardian, BBC News.

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