VHI : Insurance encyclopedia

VHI : Insurance encyclopedia
Medical care can be a convenient and high-quality, if you serve under the policy LCA.What does the voluntary health insurance, and how to design it?And they do not stumble upon pitfalls, keep silent about which insurance company?

Pay medical care come into our lives.We know that a good seal at the dentist can put only charge, and tests quickly and without nerves surrender in a private laboratory.

But it happens that for the money a person can remain dissatisfied with the quality of the treatment or service.How to find a reliable professional medical help?Buy VHI!

What VHI

Polis LCA - a document on voluntary medical insurance.The reason it is a treaty that enters into one another insurance company and the insurer - the person (individual) or company (legal entity).

VHI become very popular lately, people are beginning to realize that medicine - it is also the service sector, where a person - the client, decent politeness and quality treatment.

Therefore, insurance companies are trying to provide o

ur customers with the most eye-catching range of services:

  • appointments to any doctor at a convenient time by telephone;
  • call an ambulance, which will arrive quickly and drive the customer wherever he prefers;
  • outpatient services in a private clinic or the state, but with the best quality-service (clinic chosen from the list of those with whom cooperated particular insurance organization);
  • no waiting or queuing at the reception to a specialist;
  • immediate referral for any survey - commissioning tests, ECG, MRI, X-rays (their number is negotiated for the year);
  • women also record to mammologist, gynecologist or ultrasound at a convenient time (the number of visits is also spelled out in the contract);
  • call home at any time of the family doctor, working with the insurance company;
  • quality dental services;
  • hospitalization in a comfortable room.

His insurance program - a set of essential human services, the insurer chooses.The company will offer a basic set of first - "standard", and the client chooses at his discretion he needs package.

Legal entities concluding VHI for their employees, usually limited to a standard set.Although managers can set and advanced services.

How to make VHI

voluntary health insurance policy can also arrange any person older than 18 years without any serious health problems (severe chronic illness, disability, etc.).

The maximum age limit is approximately 75 years and depends on the insurance program.Voluntarily insured can a citizen of Russia, and the person who is not a resident of this country.Also, some insurance companies offer registration policy LCA at children with a different set of services (depending on the age group).

policy Registration takes 1-20 business days.The package of documents that need to provide for registration varies from Russian passport to the mandatory medical examination.Typically, insurance companies are asked to fill in some form, a questionnaire related to the issues of citizen's health.

advantages of voluntary insurance

Polis LCA can pay off very well, if the teeth to be treated - any quality seals are made free of charge, and they are often very expensive.However, the program does not include LCA preparation for prosthetics, dentures and cosmetic services in the field of dentistry!

also voluntary insurance is convenient, if necessary, to be tested or undergo special hardware research - the client will write to them at a convenient time, with no waiting or queuing.At the reception, a specialist will not rush you and examining parallel filling documents or treating another "free" of the client, as is the case under the policy of the MLA.

When using LCA person can be sure of the solidity of the clinic or lab - insurance companies annually verify their relevant collaborators of aptitude.Brand policyholder advocate in favor of health rights of the client itself resolve disputes with hospitals or other medorganizatsiyami.

Disadvantages of pay policy

disadvantages LCA policy can be called a non-exhaustive list of services that it can cover.Typically, LCA does not cure cancer, tuberculosis, and other complex diseases;do not conduct costly surgery.

Also, some owners policies LCA noted that sometimes there is reassurance in the treatment of "paid" patients, such as the appointment of analyzes that do not carry structural information for diagnosis.Some customers attribute this to the desire of organizations to get more money from the insurer.

However, such small incidents more than compensated polite fast service and high-quality treatment with a personal touch, which are possible under the policy LCA.

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