paracetamol Security researchers put everything under the big doubt

paracetamol Security researchers put everything under the big doubt
While the possible ineffectiveness of paracetamol has been widely discussed for some time, today in the Daily Mail published a complete collection of all the possible doubts concerning this anesthetic - particular attention is paid to its security.

many years Paracetamol was considered one of the easiest and safest painkillers, but a growing number of studies that confirm the seriousness of the possible damage it damages health, including asthma, heart disease and kidney failure, life-threatening damage to the skin.

In particular, the British Institute for the improvement of the health and care of patients is not recommended to prescribe paracetamol for extended use with osteoarthritis patients.Also, the Institute experts said that associate high doses of paracetamol with an increase in the risk of strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, gastrointestinal bleeding and kidney damage.

In February this year published a fairly large study of Danish scientists which found a link between taking paracetamol

during pregnancy and the development of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children in the future.

Norwegian scientists have discovered a link between paracetamol and the risk of asthma in children: although the study was retrospective - the mothers were asked to respond to questionnaires after pregnancy - doctors relationship seems quite obvious.

In turn, the Office for sanitary inspection by the Food and Drug Administration connects use of paracetamol with serious skin diseases, which may arise as in the first reception, and in each of the next.

Another US study shows a link long-term use of paracetamol with the development of cancer of the blood:. Among 65 thousand people participated in the study, those who took paracetamol four times a week for four years, twice as often diagnosed with lymphoma or leukemia.

Meanwhile, one recent study, published in late July in the prestigious medical journal Lancet, suggests that for back pain Paracetamol proved no better than dummy, placebo offered in the control group of patients.

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