Stomach ache : what to do

Stomach ache : what to do
If your stomach hurts - it is always extremely frustrating, and sometimes even very dangerous for health.But very often people ignore the signals your body and engaged in self-treatment, which leads many people as a result of a hospital bed, and even on the operating table the surgeon bleeding.What are the reasons can cause stomach pain and what to and what not to do if your stomach hurts?

First of all, any strong or sharp pain in the stomach can not be ignored - they are connected with power or not, with stomach pain need to be examined.

stomach has a powerful protective system against damage, but it is also a very aggressive substance - hydrochloric acid.If bolitzheludok, it says that the aggression factors have sharply to get over that barrier and stomach need help.

cause of pain can be very much a part of them only requires a revision of the diet, and some will need to undergo a course of treatment, sometimes even including antibiotics.

If stomach ache infrequently

First of all, the stomach m

ay be sick because of malnutrition or certain digestive problems.Usually it is overeating, constipation or indigestion in the stomach with the severity and pain.

In addition, the stomach rapidly and can actively respond to emotional stress or physical stress.In such cases, it appears dull pain in the epigastric region or heaviness in the upper abdomen or sharp pain, like needles injections.

treat this condition simply: we need light food - soup or porridge, vegetable puree and rigorous review of lifestyle, proper rest, and more attention to their diet.Normally, no medicines to take it is not necessary.

Constantly stomach ache: Causes

  • In chronic gastritis stomach always annoyed him pain usually occur after administration of acidic or roughage.This is stupid, or aching pain in the stomach, after passing fluid intake or independently.
  • Stitches after emotional or physical stress, errors in the diet are also characteristic of gastritis, but can also occur in neurosis stomach, then they are accompanied by another reduction and increased appetite or pathological.
  • pain as a result of stomach ulcers occur soon after eating, usually between one to one and a half hours.These pains are quite intense, sharp, blunt can be with burning and discomfort in the stomach.
  • But pain after two or more hours after a meal usually talk about the problems not with the stomach and the gut - usually a duodenal ulcer.
  • Stomach pains at night usually occur with gastritis, as in the daytime is quenched stomach acid food, and at night there is irritation corrosive juices of the stomach wall.Under these conditions, pain medications can help a little, it is necessary to consult a doctor and immediate treatment.Prior to the meeting with the doctor should eliminate from your diet all the irritating products - fatty, spicy and fried, so as not to provoke the stomach acid on the release.
  • pain from acute stomach malaise, weakness and black stools can indicate bleeding from ulcers or erosions, requires immediate treatment to the surgeon.
  • gastric cancer pain may be different, but they are always clearly localized to the same place.Also they may not be more than absolutely no symptoms, but often there are weight loss, anemia, weakness.
  • When stomach pain together with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, it is most likely talking about food poisoning or an intestinal infection, although a similar clinic may make an attack of acute pancreatitis.
  • Sometimes the stomach can hurt as a result of a severe allergic reaction to certain foods - milk, bright fruit, preservatives and dyes in food.

What does the doctor

course, set myself the diagnosis is not necessary, but in order to further assist the clinician in the diagnosis, it is necessary to carry out a number of specific diagnostic tests.

First of all, decide the localization of the pain: lie on your back, put a hand on her stomach and gently palpate it, mark the spot where it hurts the most.Listen to your body, whether the pain in the stomach gives the shoulder, left, right, or it spreads throughout the abdomen.

is important to determine if the pain increases when pressing on specific areas, whether it changes over time or when eating.In addition, it is important to note and other symptoms other than pain - heartburn and belching, pain in the intestine, stool problems and overall health, to measure the temperature.

important to remember all the details of the initial occurrence of a pain - suddenly emerged or whether it was growing gradually, whether it is stress or load is connected, how long the attack lasted, or pain gradually diminished.Also note for the doctor, what methods have helped you relieve the pain and what medications you are taking.

stomach ache: what to do

Advertising promises comfort in the stomach is literally from the first reception wonder drugs.But whether or not to believe everything they say in commercials?

is important to remember - the stomach not to be trifled with, it is not necessary to test its performance, can be a long time to get to the hospital.It is important to discuss taking any medications with your doctor, whether antispasmodics, drugs to reduce the secretion or gastric motility.

is strictly prohibited without the doctor's permission to take drugs such as omeprazole (omez and analogues), de-nol, as these drugs should be monitored by a doctor and have a number of side effects.

mezim A drug, according to advertising, "indispensable to the stomach", it is actually a set of pancreatic enzymes and in no way on the gastric digestion is not affected.

What can be taken to the emergency stomach before you get to the doctor?In pharmacies without a prescription, you can buy "Maalox" and its analogues.This drug helps with stomach pain, heartburn or belching, but you can not take it for a long time, it is as a means of emergency for a single application.

If stomach cramps and severe pain, you can take the "Spazmalgon" he quickly eliminate the discomfort of the stomach and intestines.

can be used to collect gastric, but strictly with the need to comply with the instructions for its use, drink it at least one to two weeks at periodic discomfort and pain in the stomach.

For pains in the stomach give up dairy products and irritating foods, go to diet food - boiled, steam, liquid dishes.Drink warm mint tea, it relieves stomach cramps and helps digestion.Discard the ice and strongly hot drinks, smoking and alcohol.

And be sure to go to the reception to the therapist or the gastroenterologist!

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