10 problems that you hesitate to tell the doctor

10 problems that you hesitate to tell the doctor
Few people like to go to the doctor.Most avoid visits to the clinic with a sense of fear of possible diagnoses or procedures, or guilt for what started the situation with his health.In some situations, an appeal to the doctor most confused patients.

vaginitis, or inflammation of the vagina

vagina communicates with the external environment, and is located near the anus, in connection with which it periodically fall pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi).

Normally on the vaginal mucosa live lactic acid bacteria, which perform a protective fukntsii by creating an acidic internal environment.However, for some reason the number of lactobacilli in the vagina may be reduced, and protection wanes.Pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi begin to multiply, causing vaginitis, or inflammation of the vagina.According to statistical studies, three out of four women found with the disease at least once in life.

Women are embarrassed to discuss with the doctor of inflammation of the vagina, for that matter, any othe

r diseases associated with the sexual organs.They are afraid of accusations of inappropriate behavior.Meanwhile infection often occurs from stress, hormonal fluctuations against other diseases, and thus is not a consequence of some action embarrassing.It can develop in patients receiving antibiotics, which kill the lactobacilli.Quite a rare cause of this infection becomes a sexual act.

When vaginal inflammation may occur pain during urination or sex.Vaginitis is often accompanied by itching, redness and white discharge, odorless.At the same time all of these symptoms may be signs of sexually transmitted diseases, so it is extremely important to have a medical examination in order to properly determine the cause of these symptoms.


If you can not sit without pain, then you may have hemorrhoids - a condition caused by swollen veins in the anal area.Sometimes it only takes place inside and outside the swollen veins are not visible, but sometimes hemorrhoids can be located outside.

causes of hemorrhoids can be pregnancy, constipation, and as a result, excessive straining during defecation, a sedentary lifestyle.But as hemorrhoids can be a sign of a serious problem - inflammatory and neoplastic processes in the intestine and liver.

hemorrhoids accompanied by bleeding and pain during bowel movements, itching, loss of hemorrhoids, not to mention the fact that you always think about the need to go to the toilet with horror.

If time does not begin treatment, may develop thrombosis and necrosis of hemorrhoids, accompanied by a strong deterioration in the patient's condition.

the initial stages of hemorrhoids treated with ointments or suppositories with corticosteroids and lidocaine, infrared coagulation of hemorrhoids.In more advanced cases, the business can reach operation.

Objects stuck in the wrong places

Regardless of whether this happened as a result of curiosity attack, an experiment or an accident, few people without embarrassment can inform your doctor about foreign objects stuck in the body openings.After describing the problem, it is necessary first to tell you how it happened.However, that is no reason to keep quiet.And extracts the subject alone is not worth it, you can cause more damage.

piece of tissue paper stuck in the nose can cause infection or to move on to the throat, creating a life-threatening breathing difficulties.Objects trapped in the ear, can cause bleeding and inflammation.Moreover, attempts to pull them out of the ear alone often leads to the fact that they are even more stuck in it.Physicians in this case, use special tools and even magnets.

longest do not apply to the doctor in cases where the foreign object was in the rectum or vagina.Of course, only the best advice in this situation is the council to call an ambulance, because the case could end up damaged tissue, infection, bleeding and even death.

Venereal diseases

People are afraid to discuss with anyone else all that relates to sex, for fear of being accused of immorality.However, when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, the sooner you go to the doctor, the better.It is important to begin treatment as soon as possible, because without it the situation could deteriorate rapidly.For example, syphilis, without being stopped by the treatment, resulting in damage to internal organs, including the brain.

With regard to AIDS, is still widely believed that this diagnosis is tantamount to a death sentence.Indeed, if AIDS is not treated, the life expectancy, according to the results of different studies to be between six months to a year and a half.But over the last decade, methods of struggle with this disease have improved so much that the life expectancy following initial diagnosis of HIV infection can be increased to 20 years.

Blood in the urine or feces

Few people want to discuss with your doctor separation of his body.Particularly embarrassing are the talk of urine or feces, even if their appearance is clearly abnormal, for example, in their blood appeared.

Rectal bleeding can occur as an admixture of liquid blood or clots in stool or small spots of blood on the sheets and toilet paper.

Blood in the stool may occur for various reasons, and its color ranges from bright red to black.The color is more red, the closer to the anus is the cause of bleeding.

When bleeding in the anus, rectum and sigmoid blood is bright red in color, and when intestinal bleeding from the colon blood color is dark red, because while moving around the gut, he has time to change under the influence of bacteria.

Most often rectal bleeding occurs as a result of anal fissures, ulcers, hemorrhoids, rectal or colon cancer.Regarding

of blood in the urine, it causes urinary tract infections, prostatitis, kidney stones, and kidney cancer, prostate or bladder.

drug or alcohol addiction

People with drug or alcohol addiction have resorted to various methods to hide from others the problem.

Nevertheless, the best thing to do in this situation - is to see a doctor.With a full clinical picture, the doctor can prescribe more appropriate medication to reduce dependence, withdrawal syndrome and for the treatment of diseases resulting from or against addiction.

In some clinics treated anonymously proihodit dependencies.

scars or burns as a result of auto-aggression

application itself cuts or burns, is a way for some people to cope with depression or emotional trauma.But for others, it looks wild.Therefore, even a conversation about old scars can be painful.However, talk to your doctor may be helpful: the scars can become inflamed or have a desire to get rid of them.

As with any other disease, scar treatment is best left to professionals because the self can lead to poor results.For example, contrary to popular belief, creams with vitamin E can slow the healing of scars, rather than speed it up.

Depending on the age and size of the scar doctor will select the appropriate treatment: injections of steroids, treatments with aloe vera, silicone wafer, dermabrasion, and others.In addition, if you are concerned about the fact of self-harm, he may refer you to a specialist for consultation, to pick up some other way to deal with stress.


During a call, the source recedes when you are too close, maybe it's not that you have crossed the border of his comfort, and a bad smell from your mouth.

In the simplest case, to correct the bad smell is due to the fact that you eat foods with a pungent odor, such as garlic or onions.The situation naturally feel better after a while, to speed up, you can simply brush your teeth.

Worse, if a dental problem - inflammation of the gums or teeth.Toothpaste or chewing gum to help only temporarily mask the odor and will not affect the cause of its occurrence.

In addition, bad breath can be a symptom of serious problems, such as diabetes, liver disease, kidney and even the respiratory system.For accurate diagnosis, we recommend to consult a doctor, even if it seems that the reason for this is too small.

indifference to sex

On another cover of a glossy magazine handed the title of the article about sex, naked beauty beckons in television commercials, friends sharing intimate details or ask for a comment on the fifteenth position of the Kama Sutra, and you all are not interested.Already a few weeks or months you do not attend the excitement, and you will be ashamed to admit it, even the doctor.

Of course, first of all, come to mind are diseases associated with the sexual organs, but the most common reasons for decreased libido is not relevant to them.

Among the leaders of the causes lowering of libido, appear:

  • use of alcohol or drugs;
  • side effect of certain drugs;
  • obesity;
  • apnea;
  • hormonal imbalance caused by a decrease in testosterone and menopause.

In addition, the reason may lie in the region is not physiology, and psychology - a chronic emotional trauma or prolonged stress affect the ability to be attracted.In any case, we do not get tired of repeating that the best way out - to see a doctor.

Inguinal eczema

It all starts with a little discomfort in the groin area, but very soon from the unbearable itch you start to climb the walls.Typically, in a fold where the legs are connected with the torso section of detected red and possibly solid skin.It's time to seek medical attention, but who wants to show strangers the intimate parts of the body.

However, most likely, this is a fungal disease that if left untreated will spread to the thighs, buttocks and genitals.In severe cases, without treatment can cause itching, sores, open wounds, abscesses and even skin infections.Most men are prone to this disease.

Treatment usually consists of applying antifungal agents in the form of ointments, gels or tablets.

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