Chronic cystitis : Autumn relapse

Chronic cystitis : Autumn relapse
For many women, exacerbation of chronic cystitis is much the same constant companion autumn as acute respiratory infections and influenza.And despite the fact that there are many methods for its treatment and prevention of chronic cystitis is a leader among other urological diseases in women.

According to recent statistics, 40% of cases after treatment of acute cystitis in the first year celebrated its recurrence, that is, the process takes a chronic course, with exacerbations during the cold season, most often - in the fall and winter.

What could provoke the autumn exacerbation of chronic cystitis?

  • seasonal decrease immunity,
  • cooling (general or local, especially the lower extremities, the lumbar region etc.),
  • presence of other chronic diseases that weaken the body's defenses (diabetes, chronic bronchitis, chronic pyelonephritis,peptic ulcer disease, and many others),
  • colds, fatigue, stress, acclimatization, reducing the adaptive capacity of the body,
  • presence of diseases involving the p
    henomena of venous stasis in the pelvic organs, especially of chronic inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.

As shown exacerbation of chronic cystitis?

Symptoms of acute exacerbations of chronic cystitis almost the same as that of acute cystitis: frequent and painful urination, accompanied by sharp pains and burning along the urethra, painful urge to urinate, persistent or recurrent abdominal pain.Often exacerbation of cystitis in women is accompanied by a worsening of gynecological diseases.Also, there is a general malaise, fever, general weakness, decreased performance.And even in the absence of quality of life in patients with severe symptoms during this period is greatly reduced, and the deterioration is accompanied by emotional state until the development of depression.

The dangerous exacerbation of chronic cystitis?

Although the disease is not life threatening, it can lead to serious complications.The most dangerous of them are considered:

  • spread of infection rising through the kidneys (often with the development of chronic pyelonephritis),
  • involvement in the process of deeper layers of the bladder wall and the subsequent development therein sclerotic changes,
  • spread of inflammation to adjacent organs(on paravezikalnuyu tissue in women - the uterus and appendages, men - on the prostate, seminal vesicles, testes and epididymis)

How to prevent autumn exacerbation of chronic cystitis?

  • universal way to increase the body's resistance to adverse environmental effects (cooling, drafts, temperature change, etc.) are tempering procedures, which better deal in the summer.Particularly effective water treatment.Engage them should be only after consultation with your doctor.
  • Maintaining physical activity contributes to the overall improvement of the body and improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  • complete and balanced diet and drinking regime.
  • necessary to avoid excessive physical exertion, cooling (to dress according to the season), stresses that will reduce the load on the mechanisms of self-regulation and adaptation to changes in the weather, climate change, etc.
  • reduce the risk of colds by increasing the specific immunity (flu shots, the use of anti-influenza drugs), as well as anti-relapse prophylactic antibiotic treatment, appointed physician or urologist.
  • use of herbal adaptogens and immunostimulants (tincture of ginseng, Rhaponticum, Aralia, propolis, royal jelly preparations from, etc.).

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