Meteodependent : how to beat the weather

Meteodependent : how to beat the weather
Millions of people around the world suffer from depression and ailments associated with the change of weather.In autumn it is particularly strong.

Against the backdrop of cooling and sudden air pressure drops increases the number of patients with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and brain diseases.

According to statistics, it is in terms of abrupt changes in atmospheric pressure becomes greater vascular events: heart attacks and strokes.But people who do not suffer from heart disease and blood vessels, in the off-season may fall into apathy, feel tired and broken, a sign meteonevroza.

reasons meteozavisimosti

First of all, exacerbation meteonevroza in autumn have been linked to reduced daylight hours.

need for a certain amount of sun and heat inherent in each of us genetically.It is estimated that, depending on the weather conditions are particularly vulnerable to emotional people, creative warehouse.

Due to differences in hormonal status of women is much more likely to suffer from

meteosensitivity than men.Older people are definitely harder to tolerate sudden changes in temperature and pressure, but recent observations have shown that poor health when changing weather conditions is subject to a large number of young and middle-aged people.

meteosensitive more common in men, there is little to be outdoors, sedentary employment, mental work, are not engaged in physical activity.

Treatment meteozavisimosti

meteodependent can wear a pathological character, and in this case, the patient will require a psycho events, but often fails to reduce its dependence on weather prophylactic procedures.

  • Healthy lifestyle - a top aide to solve this problem.Nutrition, physical activity, restful sleep - that's mandatory conditions to the body more easily endured weather stress.
  • good preventive measure - contrasting water treatments.Receive daily shower on a "1 minute of hot water / 5 seconds.cold "will in a short time to prepare the body for temperature changes in the offseason.
  • complete smoking cessation.
  • should be reduced in the diet of fat, salt and smoked products.Under these conditions, the body is able to resist the influence of the autumn weather.
  • effective natural sedative - Chinese magnolia vine.Tincture or tea out of it will help to successfully and painlessly adapt to the adverse weather conditions excitable and quick-tempered people.
  • People with diseases of the cardiovascular system for the prevention meteozavisimosti useful drink with mint and lemon balm.

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