Enteral nutrition : food or medicine

professional medical community, though slowly, but is beginning to recognize the value of enteral nutrition in the treatment of patients.Nevertheless, a sufficient role he has not retracted, and nutritional support often carried out on the residual principle.

Enteral nutrition is used in many areas of medicine.It is especially important in critical care medicine, surgery, gastroenterology, oncology, neurology, neurosurgery.

In fact, in the truest sense of the word enteral nutrition is the medicine with phenylketonuria, an essential component for a successful therapy is a correct and timely introduction of food.The same value has a power in the treatment of Crohn's disease, celiac disease and many other diseases.

food or medicine

Formally, it is, of course, about nutrition, not drugs.Thus enteral nutrition - is a way to meet the energy needs of patients to provide them with the necessary micronutrients to achieve proper operation of the intestine, without which it is difficult to cure, and in some c

ases impossible.


In a study conducted on the basis of the Research Institute of Surgery.Burdenko led by TFTabasaran proved the role of enteral nutrition in traumatic brain injuries and other neurological damage.It was revealed that, in response to the impact stress occurs in the body hypermetabolic response which in turn leads to increased power consumption of the organism is 70-80%.

The result is disintegration of proteinaceous tissue with increased nitrogen excretion in urine, which leads to structural disruption of cells in the protein.In such cases the use of enteral nutrition shown in full amount to fill the daily protein loss.

Do not forget that in the long run the lack of food in the intestinal lumen violated its function, koshechnik atrophies.Therefore, in cases where a patient for a long time can not eat on their own, the role of enteral nutrition becomes crucial.

Foreign experience

Studies conducted in the US and some European countries have shown that optimally matched nutrient balance can often serve as a significant independent factor in the recovery of seriously ill patients.In these countries, health food has long been an integral part of a comprehensive therapy for many diseases.

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