Pain in the knee and age

Pain in the knee and age
Age-related joint disease, or arthritis - one of the most frequent manifestations of the aging processes in the body.95% of people over 60 years of ill deforming arthrosis and osteoarthritis is 70% of the affected joints.At the same knee joints are affected in 75-80% of the elderly.

part of the development of inflammatory and metabolic and degenerative diseases of the knee promotes urbanization, environmental degradation, bad habits, changing dietary patterns and weight gain, lack of exercise.

In numerous clinical studies have established that almost all people cartilage wears out with age, but this process is the use of modern methods of treatment still be corrected, just need to know how and when to carry out the correction.

most common causes of age-related lesions of the knee

  • Age-related decrease in the ability of cartilage cells to regenerate to its loss of elasticity and resistance to mechanical axial loads, especially the meniscus.The age
  • lowering production of sex hormones promotes the
    development of osteoporosis, which reduces bone strength and leads to its more rapid wear, particularly in the joint surfaces.Stronger suffer from it, women with osteoporosis age begins to develop with menopause.In men, this process usually starts at 10-15 years later.
  • Overweight and especially obesity, observed in many elderly people, leads to excessive load on the knee joints, and they quickly develop arthrosis.

Inattention to their health, the lack of timely and adequate treatment of various diseases of the joints, especially infectious and inflammatory (rheumatoid arthritis, brucellosis, arthritis, bacterial and viral) and exchange-degenerative arthritis (gout, pseudogout), accelerate the formation of deforming arthrosis andduring make it heavier and less effective treatment.

Often in advanced lesions of the knee joint replacement is the only effective way to alleviate the suffering of patients and maintain their physical activity.

Many older people just as the years begin to realize that excessive exercise, which they as a young man subjected to the knee joints, such as lifting heavy loads or working out with higher axle load on the legs (skiing, various kinds of jumps, power sports, etc..d.), were the cause of the earlier depreciation of the joints with the development in them of deforming arthrosis.

With age often develop additional metabolic disorders.For example, with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis frequently observed microcrystalline arthritis.Of these, the most common gout with salt deposits - urate in bone and cartilage in the joint cavity (synovial fluid), tendons.

In 40% of cases of gouty arthritis are accompanied by stone disease, and some patients eventually develop kidney failure and.

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