Remove whether wisdom teeth

Remove whether wisdom teeth
Dentists often recommend removing wisdom teeth, whether to do it?

Apparently, called "wisdom teeth" due only to the fact that they appear after the rest - from 15 to 25 years.And out of all 36 teeth 4 these extreme tooth do not participate in grinding food.

Wisdom teeth are not functionally necessary to man today.They are rudimentary.There is a theory that at the dawn of mankind, they were necessary to our ancestors, because food was hard, and it required a great effort on her chewing.Related to this is traumatic and difficult teething.Over the millennia, the human jaw became less developed, that is reduced in size, but the size of the teeth have not changed.Thus, the teeth 28 are taking place, and was late wisdom teeth have to grow at random, overcoming obstacles.That is why they are a problem in almost all men - sometimes they erupt for several years, damaging and inflamed soft tissue near them.As a result, many are wondering whether to remove wisdom teeth.

Torment with wisdom teeth

  • Curvature of them in the process of growth.
  • Under warm "cushion gum from" a few years "birth into the world," they have time to get the initial caries.
  • carious process continues and often spill over to the neighboring teeth.
  • long eruption provokes inflammation of the gums gingivitis), the accumulation of food in the gingival pockets and halitosis.This in turn can lead to periodontitis (inflammation of the tooth root).
  • Diseases wisdom teeth often captures close to him located the trigeminal nerve, which means pain in the ear, throat - along the nerve.

All these problems are one reason why doctors recommend to remove wisdom teeth, without waiting for the inflammation, distortion, etc.

Wisdom teeth: when it is not necessary to remove

If third molars grow not so painful, is not twisted and does not prop up the adjacent teeth, and do not have tooth decay, it is not necessary to remove them.Dentists unanimously assert that to old age, each preserved tooth is important because it can serve as a support for a dental bridge.

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