How to choose the right sunglasses

How to choose the right sunglasses
Sunglasses have long ceased to be simply a fashion accessory.They are indispensable to protect the eyes from harmful solar radiation, but it is important to choose the right.

eyes under ultraviolet blow

Ultraviolet (UV) damage not only the skin, but also harm the eyes, especially the cornea and the lens.UV radiation increases the risk of developing cataracts - clouding of the lens in which significantly affected vision.It is shown that the sun's rays lead to macular degeneration (or macular degeneration of the eye) - incurable damage to the central portion of the retina that is responsible for visual acuity.

Other effects of excessive exposure to UV rays refers pterygium , which occurs in pathological build-up of the conjunctiva (the thin outer layer of the eye) to the cornea.Often develops pinguecula - yellowish proliferation and thickening of the conjunctiva.

Especially dangerous is the bright light that is reflected from surfaces such as snow, water, sand, or road surface, because

it can lead to photokeratitis .This is a sunburn of the cornea, also known as "snow blindness".From the name is easy to understand that such a form of eye damage often occurs in skiers and snowboarders.When Photokeratitis on the corneal surface are formed tiny bubbles as in a burn that quickly against the backdrop of an appropriate treatment, however, can completely ruin your vacation at a ski resort.

Without protection from UV radiation is tender and delicate skin around the eyes.According to Dr. W. Lee Ball, an ophthalmologist at the Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, recently more and more common cancers that affect the skin of the upper and lower eyelid.Among them stands out the melanoma and basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer.Do not forget about wrinkles around the eyes, which are known to many as the "crow's feet", as well as unsightly thickening of the eyelid skin, often resulting from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.So what to choose and use sunglasses - this is very important.

Sunglasses - how to choose

Like the use of sunscreens, sunglasses should be worn not only in the summer on the beach.They must be worn all year round, every time you go beyond the threshold of the house.As explains Dr. Gail Royal, optometrist in private practice in Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, USA), and can be burnt on a cloudy overcast day.Similarly, the sun affects our eyes and clouds in the sky does not protect him.

According to experts, the sunglasses are particularly important for children's view.After all, the harmful effects of UV radiation accumulated over the years.In addition, the children's eyes just formed, and therefore particularly vulnerable to the terrible sun.That is why it is so important to form the habit of wearing sunglasses since childhood.

Complete blocking UV rays

need to choose those sunglasses are completely protected from falling into the eyes of UV radiation, both the spectrum of A (UVA), and the spectrum in (UVB).And so you need to carefully examine the labels, which should be written as follows:

  • lenses glasses blocking 99-100% of rays of both spectra
  • protection from the sun's rays with a wavelength of 400 nanometers (stickers with the inscription «UV 400" or «UV protection").This means that the points cut off even the most minuscule of UV rays.
  • If you buy sunglasses abroad or buy foreign brands, then pay attention to the criteria ANSI Z80.3 (recommendations of the American National Standards Institute).

Follow shade glasses

coating that blocks UV rays transparent.And so the dark lens glasses are not necessarily more effective than light.However, glass shade is very important for accurate color perception.Yellow and pink tint lens prevents to recognize the color of traffic lights right.And so if you drive a car in sunglasses, it is advisable to choose a glass with gray, green or brown shades.

Polarized glasses will protect water

Polarized lenses cut off the excess reflected light, reducing glare from flat, smooth surfaces, no water, pavement, car hoods and snow.And so they should be worn all the athletes who play sports in open water:. Rowers, water skiers, windsurfers and others do not interfere with them, and on a normal day fishing or simply drive a boat or a boat.And the ski resort of glasses with polarized lenses are essential!

However, these glasses are not deprived of deficiencies.They can be hard to distinguish the lettering on the phone, computer, GPS-navigator, ATM, indicators on the instrument panel and other displays based on liquid crystals.Remember also that the polarized glasses do not protect against ultraviolet radiation.When you purchase points with such lenses, read the label, which should have information about the UV rays protection of all spectra.

glass quality - the most important moment

Experts in the field of view unanimously agree that price points can not determine the degree of protection from ultraviolet radiation.However, very cheap copies often inserted glass that have certain defects in production, affecting the optical quality of glasses.

As explained by Dr. Peter Keho, for correction specialist children of Illinois (USA), the main problem with inexpensive sunglasses lenses is heterogeneity.You can find a pair of glasses with a high purity glass, and next to find another model from the same manufacturer of the same shape and design, but with a very large lens distortion.

To evaluate the optical quality of glass can be carried out one simple test.Put on your glasses and focus the view on the vertical line.Move your head back and forth, allowing the eyes to slide freely on the selected subject.If the line changes its shape and becomes wavy, then you will most likely have to choose a different pair of glasses: the lens has an optical defect.

Size matters

glasses with curved lenses provide better protection against UV radiation, since blocking a lot more sunlight that fall into the eyes from the sides.However, provide the best protection sunglasses with large lenses and wide temples.

According to Dr. Royal, these glasses close more skin around the eyes, and therefore reduce the gap to the penetration of UV rays.Select the best option she considers sunglasses whose window frame comes to the zygomatic bone and completely covers the eyebrows.At the same time frame and bow sunglasses should fit snugly on the nose and ears, but do not scratch and do not put pressure on them.

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