How to wear contact lenses without any harm to the eyes

How to wear contact lenses without any harm to the eyes
50 possible cases of fungal attack of eyes were recorded in the United States.Diseases have also been reported in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.Fungi cause keratitis - inflammation of the cornea.How to wear contact lenses.

Microscopic fungi are of the genus Fusarium, which are widespread in nature and often cause infections of agricultural plants.

According to the American Association of Optometrists, the risk of fungal keratitis is extremely small.The main cause of inflammation of the cornea for users of contact lenses are the bacteria.What

same symptoms suggestive of keratitis, you need to pay attention?

  • irritation and redness of the eyes, which is stored for a long time after the removal of the lens.
  • pain in the eyes and around them, which eventually increases.
  • Increased sensitivity to light.
  • sharp attack of blurred vision as a blur or blur.
  • Severe lacrimation or occurrence separated from the other eye.

When these symptoms should immediately remove contact lenses and seek medical adv


Despite the fact that fungal eye disease is extremely rare, the care of the eyes and contact lenses never hurts.Not only that, proper care will help prevent the development of bacterial infections that are very dangerous.

How to wear contact lenses

  • Never wear lenses longer than specified in the instructions to them.
  • Never wear the wrong contact lenses.
  • Since lenses can increase sensitivity to sunlight, outdoors, always wear sunglasses with full UV protection, and wide-brimmed hats.
  • Wear lenses before applying make-up, which will prevent their contamination.
  • using special drops or normal saline to moisten the eyes.
  • Try not to sleep in the lenses, except the use of lenses for extended wear.

How to clean and store lenses

  • Before putting on the lenses or any manipulation with the eyes wash your hands thoroughly with soap and running water.
  • lens cleaning and storage is carried out only in accordance with instructions (in a clean container with a fresh solution).
  • Try every day to clean the container for contact lenses.You can use sterile solution or hot water;then dry air capacity.
  • Never moisten lenses with plain water, and even more so do not put them in the mouth.Microbes may reside even in distilled water and contained in the saliva of a million times greater.
  • To clean the lens put on a clean palm and gently rub her index finger of the other hand.There are special solutions which provide cleaning without friction.
  • Try not to touch your fingers to the top of the container for the storage solution.This can lead to bacterial contamination.

How to care for the eyes

  • Watch carefully for signs of infection such as redness, burning or excessive tearing.
  • If the symptoms of the infection is still there, remove the lenses immediately and do not use them to consult an ophthalmologist.
  • visited annually by an ophthalmologist, who will check your vision and the corresponding contact lenses.
  • Immediately contact your doctor if you have a sudden loss of vision, pain in eyeballs, flash before my eyes, blurred vision, swelling, unusual redness or irritation in the eye area.

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