Gout , or leg in a trap

This disease makes itself felt a sudden burning pain, stiffness and swelling, most commonly occurring in the joint of the thumb.

Gout - a disease caused by a violation of purine metabolism in the body and the deposition of uric acid compounds in the tissue, mainly affecting the joints and kidneys.


Statistics show that gout is diagnosed more often in men.This disease is caused by too high levels of uric acid in the blood.Increased amounts of this substance in the body is not a threat to health, many people with high levels of uric acid in the blood do not suffer from gout.However, when the level of uric acid in the blood is too high, it may form small crystals in the joints.

gout risk is higher in people who are overweight, and those who abuse alcohol or eating too many foods high in purines (meat, milk, eggs, fish, coffee, cocoa, chocolate).Some drugs, such as diuretics, may also cause gout.

Symptoms The most common symptoms of gout can be called edema, swelling, redness, and sharp pai

n in the joint.Most often it is the joint of the big toe.The onset of pain may last for several days or even weeks before the discomfort will pass.Until the next attack pain can take several months or years.

Consult your doctor, even if the pain caused by gout, was held.The accumulation of uric acid, which led to the attack of the disease, can harm your joints.

How to diagnose gout

mandatory medical examination.Analysis of the sample fluid from the affected joint with the aim to discover where crystals of uric acid.Not excluded and blood tests (to determine the level of uric acid in it), as well as X-ray study of the joint.


cure gout completely impossible, but it can be controlled.

Treatment is carried out anti-inflammatory drugs and drugs, inhibiting the formation of uric acid.In addition, the doctor may prescribe corticosteroids to reduce the likelihood of kidney stones.

New treatments: blood purification method plazmoforezogemosorbtsii;physiotherapy;Surgical methods for removing deposits of uric acid in the soft tissue.

also requires correction of body weight, dietary changes to a healthier and treatment of metabolic diseases (atherosclerosis, diabetes), is part of the companions of gout.

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