What causes allergic contact dermatitis

What causes allergic contact dermatitis
There are very few allergens that do not allow you to wear jewelry, wash your hair or eating certain foods, threatening rash, itching and redness of the skin.Scientists conducted a study to find out what causes allergic contact deramatit

Sometimes after wearing the jewelry and the use of various cosmetics on the skin develops a rash and redness accompanied by itching.Such a condition doctors call allergic contact dermatitis.

contact allergic dermatitis: an experiment

Scientists conducted the study, which was attended by about 1.5 thousand patients..As a result, they have identified the top allergens that cause allergic contact dermatitis.Among them:

  • nickel (the metal is widely used in the manufacture of jewelry, as well as buttons and buckles for clothing);
  • gold (used to make jewelry);
  • Peru balsam (used in perfumery and is often added to various cosmetic products);
  • different fragrances (contained in the food and cosmetic products, insecticides, antiseptics, soaps, perfumes);
  • formaldehyde (found in paper products, fabrics, and in paints, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products);
  • cobalt chloride (found in medical products; hair dye; antiperspirant);
  • bacitracin (antibiotic used to treat diseases of the skin, eye and nose, and in the food industry);
  • preservative Quaternium 15 (contained in shampoos, nail polishes, cosmetics, as well as industrial products such as paints, varnishes, waxes).

Prevention of contact allergic dermatitis

to cure dermatitis, you need to identify and eliminate the allergen.To this end, a special test is conducted using a panel of common allergens.If the test reveals a stimulus, it is recommended to avoid contact with him.

Many physicians are also advised to use as a treatment cream containing corticosteroids.However, according to recent data, in 3% of patients allergic to it.

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