The epidemic of deafness

Hearing Loss: Causes, symptoms, treatment.

According to doctors, in Russia today, more than 13 million people have hearing loss.Officially, among them 1 million - are children and adolescents, but experts suggest that in reality this figure is higher.

While your ears are in the order they should be protected throughout life.If the hearing began to fail, you should consult your doctor immediately.It is impossible to close, refusing to communicate with family and friends.

Causes of hearing loss

hearing loss (deafness) can cause age, disease and heredity.In recent decades, they added some of the realities of modern life, such as the number of drugs and a lot of sources of constant loud noise.

Advanced age

- the main cause of hearing loss.Hearing problems is one in three people aged 65 to 74 years.After 75 years in one way or another is suffering from hearing loss every second.

Scientists can not explain exactly why hearing deteriorates with age.It is possible that our sensitive hearing organs

wear out the noise that we hear throughout life.Of course play a role and others, acting on a rumor, and heredity factors.

loud and constant noise

«kill» the hearing.There are professions where human ears are constantly exposed to noise, harmful for the volume level.44% 48% carpenters and plumbers suffer from partial loss of hearing.Among others, too noisy professions: military, employees of mining and manufacturing industry, agriculture and transport.

Even the musicians are at risk of hearing loss due to noise.Some of them are forced to wear earplugs to protect hearing and hear the music, without prejudice to their ears.

Some medications

also affect hearing and vestibular apparatus.There are more than 200 drugs, side effects of which is hearing loss.Among them: some antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs, aspirin, diuretics (diuretics), medicines for the treatment of malaria and a number of drugs to combat erectile dysfunction.

Sudden hearing loss

- the fall of hearing 30 decibels (dB) or more - can last a few hours or days.For comparison, the volume of the call is normal is 60 dB.In 9 of 10 cases decreased hearing in only one ear.Annually recorded about 4 thousand new cases of sudden deafness, but can not find the cause of only 10-15% of them.

Some diseases

may also lead to a deterioration or loss of hearing.Among them - cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, in which blood flow is disturbed hearing.Otosclerosis, and Meniere's disease dangerous to the inner ear.

exposed to a serious risk of hearing at


, such as a fracture of the skull base or damage the eardrum.

Hearing loss can occur due

blockage of the ear canal

sulfur or as a result of infection


Symptoms of hearing loss often

hearing gets worse so slowly that its loss for a long time unnoticed.A person begins to seem that others chanting under his breath, and when talking on the phone call quality is lame.Until he hears somehow, it seems that the rumor is fine.

In the early stages of hearing loss becomes more difficult to distinguish between the high-pitched sounds, such as children's and women's voices and the sounds of "es" and "ef".Other symptoms include loss of hearing:

  • difficulties when talking on the phone
  • problems with the distinction of individual sounds over background noise
  • difficulties of communication in the company, when he said several people
  • feeling that people say illegible, muttering under his breath
  • problems with understanding what has been said and, accordingly, errors in the answers
  • We often ask people to repeat themselves
  • Frequent complaints of others too loud on TV
  • noise in the ears (tinnitus)

Degrees of hearing loss

Doctors isolatedseveral degrees of hearing loss from mild to profound.As hearing loss a person feels more and more cut off from the world of words and sounds.

  • Mild hearing loss.

    In conversations alone audibility normal, but when dealing in the company becomes difficult to catch the voice of the caller because of the background noise.

  • moderate degree of hearing loss.

    had to ask to repeat themselves during the conversation, both in person and over the phone.

  • Severe hearing loss.

    conversation without a hearing aid almost impossible.

  • profound degree of hearing loss.

    complete inability to communicate, if the person does not speak the loudest or the patient does not use a hearing aid or cochlear implant.

Treating hearing loss

Choice of treatment depends on the cause of hearing loss.If otosclerosis treated only by surgical methods, Meniere's disease sometimes susceptible drug therapy.Antibiotics successfully cope with bacterial infections, which led to the loss of hearing.

If there is a suspicion that the hearing loss associated with taking drugs, you should discuss with your doctor alternative treatment options.Timely treatment in case of sudden hearing loss increases the chances of recovery.

Even hearing loss, you must learn to live and work with this problem.Most people, hearing loss, hearing aids can be used - but only one in five people use them.Actually hearing aids - these are small devices that are mounted in the area of ​​the ear and amplify external sounds.However, we must remember that the sounds transmitted by means of a hearing aid can be heard otherwise than in reality, so it is important to discuss with your doctor the use of the device.

There are also technologies that individually adjust the sound for the hard of hearing person.Amplifiers for telephones and special systems for listening to TV and radio allow you to use the desired volume level without attracting attention.Finally, there are cochlear implants, which previously implanted mostly young children and is now gaining popularity among older people with a deep degree of hearing loss.

Living with hearing loss

Hearing loss does not prevent to establish two-way communication with family and friends.First you need to create a good lighting in the room and the furniture is arranged so that the patient can see the faces of others.This will allow him to watch the facial expressions and movement of the lips.Sources of background noise, such as a TV, it is better to turn off, while they are not needed.Finally, the parties should be aware that they can facilitate communication if:

  • make sure before the start of the conversation, that attracted the attention of the patient.
  • make sure that the patient sees their lips.
  • will speak clearly, but will not scream.

Protect your hearing!

incurable hearing loss occurs so frequently that it is necessary to attend a reliable protection of your hearing.For example, to use the earplugs in high noise areas.Lawn mowers, grinders, vacuum cleaners, and even most of the concerts are too loud for unprotected ears.If it is possible - it is necessary to move away from the noise source.For example, faced with road works, go to the other side of the street, or to cover the ears.When working close to the source of noise should discuss the security of your hearing with the management.

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