16 ways to eat more vegetables

16 ways to eat more vegetables
Oddly enough, with all the variety of vegetables in the stores a lot of people are limited to traditional potato, cabbage and carrots.

course, accustomed to eat the native Russian food, but such uniformity is injurious to health, because in our domestic vegetables after prolonged storage quite a few vitamins and the usual salads and soups are stale quickly.

Do not be afraid to experiment, trying new and unusual varieties of vegetables and root crops!Well, we can help you with tips for their preparation and submission.

Start the day with vegetables

Add spinach to scrambled eggs or beans, put a couple of lettuce in a sandwich.Make a breakfast smoothie or vegetable juice.Try to mix the usual orange juice with carrot - and you get a great vitamin charge.

Keep in the refrigerator for snacking vegetables

«Take this to the vegetables of different colors, they contain a different set of nutrients," - advises David Heber, a nutritionist and author of "What color is your diet?".Here is a recipe

useful snack: Cut the carrots and bell pepper strips and eat with yogurt.

Cook quickly

Many tenderize the vegetables to a state-of cereal gruel, which reduces their usefulness at times.Toss the broccoli in boiling water, hold it for 2 minutes on high heat for a minute or two, and when turned off, and it will be soft and smooth without loss of vitamins.

Prepare the vegetable broth

Put the water whole onion, carrot, celery, a few cloves of garlic and a few sprigs of parsley and thyme.Simmer.Strain the broth, pour in a container, let cool, then freeze.

And here you have in stock a few liters of the finished broth, and when you want to cook the sauce, put the meat and cook soup - vegetable base is already at hand.

«It is a good idea also because the frozen product of vitamins will not be less than freshly brewed, - says Mikhail Zeigarnik, dietician, chief doctor of the clinic," Nutrition and Health ".- Taste components freeze does not suffer.We need only consider that in the cooking part of vitamins already destroyed, but will not affect the remaining frost. "

Make mashed helpful

If you and the day can not live without the mashed potatoes - make it more useful by replacing part of the potato cauliflower.

«You can also do with a classic recipe for casserole in which alternate layers of meat and potato - suggests Michael Zeigarnik.- Replace the potato cauliflower, you get no less tasty and caloric dish with potatoes and cauliflower are simply incomparable.Besides cabbage contains only Vitamin H ".

Bake vegetables

Sprinkle slices of potato, pumpkin and carrots with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper, add a fresh clove of garlic and bake.This is a great side dish to grilled chicken breast or pork tenderloin.

Cook for a couple of

Another great side dish to meat - vegetables, steamed.

Many restaurants offer meat to vegetables, grilled.However, they often quite a lot of oil.

Our advice - choose vegetables, steamed, and if you do not like the taste, just ask bring you olive oil separately - so you'll be sure not to overdo it, adding it to the vegetables.

Stuff vegetables

tasty and healthy dinner will be stuffed peppers.For the filling you can not use the rice and meat (the most common toppings), and vegetables, and then one such pepper will provide you with at least half of the daily allowance of vegetables.Cut the carrots, onions, tomatoes, and take the quinoa instead of rice.

Use vegetables as toppings

Prepare vegetable pie, putting in the stuffing more vegetables: green beans, mushrooms, leeks, carrots and turnips, celery.You can use any frozen vegetables: they are no worse than fresh.Also, do not forget to add spices - they give spicy notes.

Serve with meat sauce vegetable

To prepare the sauce, take 500 grams of chopped tomatoes, half a cup of chopped onion and the same amount of green peppers.In this sauce, you can put out the meat or give it to a paste.It seems to be just the sauce, and see how many vegetables in it.

Prepare for Italian recipes

The Italian menu of more than 300 recipes with leafy vegetables and tomatoes.

«Unfortunately, this is not typical Russian cuisine - says nutritionist Natalia Grigorieva.- We usually eat pasta and meat, well, if someone put a slice of cucumber or tomato.A pasta with spinach, green peas, with tomatoes and basil, celery - a wonderful combination because the glycemic index of the food is low.Pasta cooked correctly, supplemented with vegetables - a perfect lunch. "

Try different soups

minestrone soup - this is one of the easiest ways to include vegetables in your diet and cook a hearty soup.Green beans, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes and onions, pepper - try adding spinach or pumpkin, everything goes into the soup.Do not forget to add a little cheese - for spice.

Add spices

The more ingredients in the dish, the more the flavors merge into something completely new.Serve the vegetables with garlic butter, homemade sauce or just pieces of meat.

«Spices and have come up with in order to make food more interesting and attractive to your taste - says Mikhail Zeigarnik.- Just avoid extremes, do not overdo with pepper, if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract.You should also limit the intake of salt.And the rest - a matter of taste.Due to spice the dish is tasty and flavorful, and the same vegetables every day you can try again. "

Make noodles

Prepare vegetable instead of the usual noodle.You can use a knife for cleaning vegetables or economical special slicer for cutting vegetables in the form of noodles: zucchini and eggplant for this "paste" are perfect.

Marinate vegetables can not only marinate the meat.Note the vegetables are especially good mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower and beans.For the marinade, mix the olive oil, crushed garlic, grated fresh ginger and soy sauce.

Quick vegetable sauces

To save time, use the baby food - carrot, pumpkin puree - for sauces or soups.

Take from vegetables maximum

stems of cauliflower or broccoli, inner leaves of celery, beet greens, even the blades of grass: all edible, all delicious.

«They contain all the same as in inflorescences and fruits, - says Mikhail Zeigarnik.- It is a matter of simple cooking: they have more fiber, they are less delicate and longer qualify.But clearly they have a lot of use, so try not to throw away the stems and use them in the preparation of meals. "

Be creative

When the vegetables are served interestingly, their tastes are.Cut the vegetables and meat are the same pieces and make kebabs on the grill.Melt your favorite cheeses, such as cheddar cauliflower or broccoli.Instead of cream or milk for pureeing soups or use mashed cauliflower or white beans.

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