Lent : a review nutritionist

Lent : a review nutritionist
Every spring Orthodox Christians observe Lent.In 2014, he began March 3.And at this time, in addition to spiritual matters, many fasting worried about how to organize the power to benefit not only the soul but also the body.

learn how to fast properly, says dietician, endocrinologist highest category, an expert brand Herbalife Alla V. Shilin.

Who can and who is not fasting

Before starting fast, many people should check their health and seek advice about the possibility of food restrictions, not only with his confessor, but also with his therapist.

For a healthy person meatless diet can be useful as plant food helps reduce cholesterol levels, stimulates the elimination of toxins, improves the condition of the intestinal flora is a good prevention of atherosclerosis.

But in the presence of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, or disorders of the digestive system of severe restrictions on food may be contraindicated.

Traditionally retreat from post may be pregnant and lactating women, children, and

those who are on the road or engaged in heavy physical labor.This not only allowed clergymen, but also recommended by doctors.

What are the risks for the body during fasting there

general principle of a healthy diet - it balanced for all important nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals).Therefore, during such a long post have to be very careful and watch your diet, so that the body gets enough of necessary substances.

Restrictions on food taken while fasting, usually associated with refusal of food of animal origin.This is a fairly large category of products that contain many of the necessary substance for our body.If completely eliminate these foods from your diet, increase the risk of deficiency of essential components - especially protein.

Therefore, in the preparation of lean menu is important to include in it as much as possible legumes (chickpeas, peas, beans) and soy products.Especially useful soy protein, as it is better absorbed by the body.To maintain the strength adult person per day is necessary to obtain about 80 g of protein.

also important to remember that, excluding from the diet of many familiar products such as milk and cheese, we limit the intake of calcium and other trace elements.A vitamin deficiency is particularly dangerous in the spring, when the immune system is weakened and so.

opinion that plant foods protect against beriberi, in modern Russian reality can be a dangerous mistake, because during storage and transportation from the southern regions of the fruit and vegetables partially lose their vitamin value.Therefore, to gain the necessary macro- and micronutrients from food plant, require much more effort than usual.

But not so sad - to compensate for this deficiency can supplement their diet with food supplements and a multivitamin complexes.Naturally, after consulting with a qualified nutritionist or doctor.

How to safely start and finish position

beginning and end of the post should be as smooth, and it is a very important point.The fact that drastic changes in the diet can provoke acute or chronic conditions have a negative impact on the digestive work.Therefore, the believers there are specific guidelines for the preparation of the body for Lent.For example, the week before Carnival is called the Cheese-fare and already contains a ban on meat on Wednesdays and Fridays.The Pancake (or "cheese") a week, just before Lent, meat is recommended to have excluded from the diet completely.

Out of the post, too, need the most carefully and do not go for plentiful meat food on the first day.Of course, I want to be pampered Passover products, which managed to miss for a long forty days.However, by chance

traditional meal during this Christian holiday is considered eggs, baked goods (cakes) and dairy products (special commemorative dish, "Easter", made from curd).The body needs time to adjust to the "heavy" and rebuild food metabolism.Therefore, at the festive Easter table remember moderation.And enjoy Easter Sunday!

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