12 August

What can replace meat : expert advice

What can replace meat : tips nutritionists
«To eat or not to eat?" - The World Day of renunciation of meat, this question is asked not only the millions of dieters around the world, but also lovers of juicy steaks and steaks.Furthermore.In the ranks of "herbivorous" citizens increasingly there are calls to opt out of animal products.And not for one day.

If the occasional rejection of products of animal origin there is nothing wrong, by the strict vegetarianism and veganism nutritionists are extremely ambiguous.The reason - in high biological value proteins, their easy availability to the body.

«The fact that the proteins of animal origin contain amino acids necessary for the person who called essential, - says Sergey Bernstein , PhD, Deputy Director General for medical work Sanatorium" Revital Park. "- A total of 8: tryptophan, leucine, izoleytsitin, valine, threonine, lysine, methionine and phenylalanine.Against the background of their deficiency can develop various diseases (cardiovascular, endocrine). "

Lack of essential amino acids is p

articularly harmful to children: may slow down growth and sexual development.

«In childhood is especially important to monitor the nutrient balance.A protein is a key element in building the body.In fact, health, strength, the development of the nervous system - it all depends on how well the child is fed, - says Alexander Minaev , pediatrician, chief editor VitaPortala.- The child should receive protein foods daily.And the best food here has always been and will be: milk, meat (real, not semi-finished products, of course) and fish.Beef, veal, lean pork, lean meats (including poultry meat) - are required in a child's diet starting around the age of 8-9 months. "

thus completely abandon animal products is not necessary: ​​only exclude meat.

Especially since there are quite a few good alternatives.

«Fish and seafood - almost a full replacement of meat products, - says Larisa Mulyk , dietitian clinic « Medicine », a member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists.- They help make up the body's need for essential amino acids. "

also essential amino acids found in dairy products and eggs - in this respect they are quite balanced.

Photo: Larissa Mulyk

day without meat: 3 best replacement

If you decide to give up animal products for one day only - as an experiment, "rest" of the products of animal origin, it is necessary to find it nourishingreplacement.

Soy meat and curd (tofu)

«Soy protein is the most complete and easily absorbed in the body," - says Larissa Mulyk .

compare: meat products from protein absorbed 90% of the soy - almost 80%, and of vegetables, cereals - up to 60-75%.Cook with Tofu and soy meat can be anything - from burgers and casseroles to the soup.

chickpeas and beans

«According to amino acid composition of proteins similar to proteins of animal origin, - says Marina Studenikina , dietician, deputy chief physician of the clinic" factor of weight. "- Beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas, soybeans good as in soups or salads. "


«The amino acid composition of proteins of quinoa is very balanced and close to the composition of milk proteins - says Marina Studenikina .- In this rump up to 20 different types of amino acids. "

Kashi, stews, soups - is an incomplete list of dishes that can be cooked in this fashion cereals.

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