High pulse : what to do

High pulse : what to do
Sometimes the heart starts beating faster than usual, leading to increased heart rate.Sometimes it can be heard even in the head, the ears or in the breast that needs attention.Why there is a high pulse, how to reduce it by yourself and when and where to go if you are concerned about your condition?

high pulse: it is

Often, patients turn to physicians and cardiologists with complaints of high pulse, thus implying strengthening of the heart rate.To the layman, these words usually are synonymous, while for the doctor are different concepts, and they are found in various cardiac and somatic pathologies.

To understand what is at stake, you need to understand some of the terms applicable to the pulse.

pulse can be classified by several characteristics.

  • rate, ie the number of heart attacks that occur in one minute.Typically, the pulse is determined on the wrist or on the large arteries, and it is this characteristic of the pulse mean patients complaining about the doctor.
  • Rhythm pulse - this uniform
    beats are felt on the artery wall.In some diseases, the pulse becomes spasmodic.
  • heart filling, that is how good it can be felt.Sometimes weak filling pulse can talk about the problems with the stroke volume of the heart, that is, the amount of blood that the heart releases for the reduction.Very weak pulse may indicate heart failure.
  • voltage pulse reflects the effort of clamping tissue to test the pulse clearly.The higher the blood pressure, the heart rate will be harder, and sometimes he felt literally at your fingertips.
  • pulse height - is the degree of fluctuation of the arterial wall at a palpation.This characteristic reflects the presence or absence of certain diseases of the heart valves.

In this article we will talk about "high pulse", which implies an increase in heart rate.

pulse rate and its measurement

Pulse reflects the stability of the organism and therefore has certain physiological values.On average it is in adults between 60 and 90 beats per minute in children - slightly higher.Thus heart rate essentially depends on the method of measurement and the external environment.

pulse frequency can vary greatly depending on the body position: lying down heart rate is always lower than in a standing or sitting.

In the evening, the pulse is always higher than in the morning, it is enhanced by the excitement and exertion.

To assess the need to measure his heart rate exactly one minute, because of the presence of pulse arrhythmia may be very "jumping".

Before examining the pulse should not drink coffee and tea, there are smoking.The most correct and constant heart rate is measured in the morning on an empty stomach.

high pulse: value

high pulse (tachycardia) in medicine is considered to be the value of heart rate above 100 beats per minute.At such high pulse of the heart is working with high load, which leads to the fact that it is inefficient to pump blood through the vessels.

not always high pulse can be dangerous - under stress, fear or physical training heart rate may rise, but usually after the elimination of all influences come quickly to normal.

With frequent attacks of tachycardia with high heart rate, when expressed at high pulse malaise must apply to the local doctor, and in a very bad state of health - call an ambulance.


Why can rise

pulse to accelerate the heart rate, there are many reasons, most of which are temporary in nature, although some causes may significantly threaten human health and requires immediate medical intervention and treatment purposes.

One reason for the high heart rate may be a problem with the heart and blood vessels, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, pericarditis and other diseases.Also increase heart rate may contribute to atherosclerosis of the arteries and a violation of their elasticity.

Other causes high heart rate may be a malfunction of the thyroid gland, as it it regulates the body's metabolism.Typically, a high pulse causes increased activity of the thyroid gland.

also to increased heart rate can cause the pathology of heart valves, use of alcohol, emphysema, metabolic disorders.

Temporary causes heart disorders may be receiving psychoactive substances, smoking, fat abundant food, stress, fear, anxiety, medications, fever, anemia and vitamin deficiency, dehydration, toxemia.By eliminating these factors pulse quickly returns to normal.Also, rapid pulse can be during pregnancy.

What to do with a high pulse

If you have a high heart rate - do not panic, calm down, drink cold water, soak and pulse peremerte 15-20 minutes.If the pulse came to normal, it is not dangerous.

If you have a high heart rate, and thus there are dangerous symptoms - high fever, abdominal pain or heart, impaired consciousness and orientation, dizziness or other similar - you should immediately call an ambulance and its arrival to stay in bed.Before the arrival of doctors do not take any medication, you can drink water without gas and additives.

If you do not know the reasons for increasing heart rate, should take 30 drops of valerian solution, motherwort, korvalola or valokordin, lie down and relax.It can be put under the tongue validol, open the window for some fresh air.If you have a blood pressure monitor, measure pressure, perhaps, the reason for its increase.

first aid measures with tachycardia

  • Before the ambulance arrival at a high pulse and feel unwell should take a deep breath, exhale a little natuzhitsya, cough.
  • can put pressure on the eyeballs, strongly squeeze the hole in the left hand at the junction of the brush, hold the place sandwiched around a minute.
  • can massage the side of the neck, in the area of ​​the carotid arteries.
  • If there is a medication you can take Inderal under the tongue at a dose of 20 mg may be taken Cordarone.
  • When the pressure is to take your usual medication and closely monitor the pressure.

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